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With New Advanced Customization Tools, RawBeautySource Website Enhances Readers’ Experience | News

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Through its innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and personalization-based tools, recently became one of the fastest growing wellness websites in the world.

The RawBeautySource site is ranked among the “50 Best Health Blogs,” according to blog ranking site Detailal, and FeedSpot, another blog ranking site, named it “Top 60 Health Blogs.”

The introduction of RawBeautySource’s revolutionary AI and personalization features will change the way people read blog posts by personalizing each reader’s online experience.

Readers can now use AI technology for the first time to get recommendations on the most relevant content through personalization based on their unique interests and preferences.

Recognizing that everyone has a unique reading style, RawBeautySource’s personalization tool allows users to read only information that is highly relevant to their interests.

“We value the interests, personal needs and time of our readers. As we have continuously analyzed their online experience and conducted long and in-depth research based on data, we have created highly effective smart features that allow them to drive their own reading experience. noted Zornitsa Stoycheva, co-founder and content manager of RawBeautySource.

RawBeautySource is a health and wellness platform that provides honest, science-based information on health, beauty, and nutrition. The site collaborates with more than 30 health professionals (dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, naturopaths, gastroenterologists, urologists, board-certified dermatologists, and other medical experts) who review and approve the content he posts and also provide first-hand advice on various topics.

The primary goals of RawBeautySource are to support and guide readers towards a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty, by providing high quality, unbiased and objective information based on scientific studies, cutting-edge research articles and knowledge of experts.

Recent articles on RawBeautySource demonstrate the breadth of knowledge on the site.

A recent post from a dietitian explored the pros and cons between barley and wheat, and another from a dietitian answered whether children could get kidney stones. A doctor wrote about five treatments to get rid of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and in another article a doctor explained the types of birth control, the link between smoking and the use of hormonal contraceptives, and the risks women face if they are active smokers and take birth control.

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RawBeautySource believes that beauty and happiness start with health! And we are committed to answering in detail all your questions on various health issues, weight management, nutrition, dieting, mental health, dermatology, skin care and other related topics. We are here to support and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty, by providing you with high quality, unbiased and objective information based on scientific studies, cutting-edge research articles and expert knowledge. .

We create many of our articles in collaboration with medical experts, registered dietitians and board-certified dermatologists who ensure our readers get the best possible information and provide first-hand myth-busting advice to gain valuable insights. .

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