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VU Nutrition Students Collaborate With NDIS To Provide Healthy Meals For People With Disabilities

By Molly Magennis

Nutrition students at Victoria University, in collaboration with Cohealth, worked with NDIS staff to create healthy meals for people with disabilities.

The Menu Project, also supported by disability accommodation providers in West Melbourne, is a four-week endeavor that helps give NDIS staff and support workers a better understanding of how food can influence the health of their clients.

The project helps students develop practical skills to create nutritious recipes and other resources for each accommodation center for people with disabilities.

Footscray House was the first accommodation provider to participate in the program.

Rosemary, a staff member, who has worked there for a decade, said Project Menu introduced her to new foods and how to prepare them nutritionally.

“At our recent Christmas party, we served healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables instead of cakes and sweets like we did before,” Rosemary said.

Victoria University’s nutrition and dietetics course chair, Dr Helen McCarthy, said the project had received positive feedback and could be scaled up.

“This is currently a volunteer opportunity for our students, but we are looking for ways to incorporate it into our classes. “