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TWC Partners with Multiple State Agencies to Launch Website to Streamline Early Childhood Services for Texas Parents – Corridor News

AUSTIN – The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), working in partnership with several public organizations that also offer services to young children, launches the early childhood texas website, a streamlined resource for Texas parents to access information about early childhood services available through TWC, Texas Education Agency, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

The new website, earlychildhood.texas.govserves as a one-stop-shop to connect Texas parents with access to a variety of free or low-cost services and resources available through different state agencies and programs.

“In the past, I’ve spent hours researching resources in Texas to make sure my son reaches his full potential,” said Lizzeth Saldaña of San Antonio, mother of a son with special needs. “This website will allow parents to invest more time in learning about their child’s abilities during the crucial early years of their child’s development rather than spending hours researching and gathering tools from all over the web. .”

The Early Childhood Texas website offers Texans information and resources in the following areas:

  • Health and development: child development, including resources for children with special needs, nutrition, health advice and health care
  • Parenting: child safety, advice and support for parents, home learning activities
  • Child care and education: child care and after-school programs, pre-kindergarten, Head Start and early childhood special education
  • Eligibility Programs: State-sponsored programs and assistance opportunities for Texas families

“I am thrilled that the Early Childhood Texas website is available to everyone for the benefit of children – our future generation of leaders,” said McKinney parent Marcy Hambrick. “I love that this website focuses on children as they are central to the future and development of our society.”

Early Childhood Texas aims to provide families with young children with easy access to programs, services, and resources from Texas state agencies.

A team of employees from each agency guided the development of this website with direct input from Texas parents and families.

The website is managed by the Interagency Team and funded by the Texas Workforce Commission. For more information, visit