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Transform Magazine: Lewis Moberly Expands Skin Sapiens Brand Portfolio – 2021


Brand design agency Lewis Moberly worked with Skin Sapiens, a natural skin care brand, to expand the brand portfolio and design six new products. This decision is part of a broader mandate for Skin Sapiens to increase its presence in major retailers as well as greater international distribution.

Skin Sapiens founder James Jardella tasked Lewis Moberly with developing the brand identity and packaging for Skin Sapiens’ initial line of skin care products, before working with the agency to expand the brand. with face serums. The new category aims to focus more on adults, with scientifically proven active plants.

“Our challenge was to ensure a perfect fit with the existing line which was so well received and to distinguish ourselves as a more concentrated line of boosters for adults. With the brand’s green values, we had to communicate the unique properties of each product. Ease of navigation and visibility on the shelf were essential, ”says Mary Lewis, Creative Director of Lewis Moberly.

The clean design and natural palette of the main line extend to new products. The serums feature brightly colored benefit titles for ease of navigation and to differentiate themselves from facials.

The outer packaging is made from 50% recycled material and the message on the packaging encourages the consumer to recycle it again after use. The glass bottle can be recycled and, similarly, the message on the packaging encourages the consumer to separate the glass bottle and the pipette dispenser, to facilitate recycling of the bottle.

“Creating a new skin care brand out of recycled materials was full of challenges and along the way we had to sacrifice things like ‘the perfect color’ in favor of something more durable,” explains Jardella.