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Transform magazine: 1HQ designs the identity of the new range of food supplements – 2021

Global design agency, 1HQ, worked with a Singapore-based fresh and packaged fruit delivery company, Dole Sunshine Company, to create the visual identity for supplement brand ‘The Secret Nature of Fruit’ (TSNoF) .

The brand is aimed at proactive health seekers, a collective of urban Gen Z and Millennials, often with high or disposable income, who prioritize health more than other generations. “The Secret Nature of Fruit” also aims to manifest Dole’s transformation into a nutrition and wellness company.

1HQ’s brand design was inspired by a survey it conducted, which found that packaging design and how brands promote and communicate their health benefits is a key indicator for consumers. when purchasing a product. This is especially true in a competitive and saturated market such as the wellness market. 65% of survey participants said it’s important for brands to highlight the health benefits of their products

“The new brand needed to engage with today’s proactive health seekers, encompassing the target audience’s willingness to try new products that align with their key values ​​and needs. Transparent communication, clean label attributes, heritage, provenance, and sustainability are some of those overarching principles,” says Karen Cole, Chief Creative Officer at 1HQ.

To build on this idea of ​​transparency, 1HQ has designed packaging based on the idea of ​​discovering what is hidden in the fruit. This is achieved through macro photography of the fruit, placed around the central wordmark to emphasize the qualities of the fruit, and a color palette reminiscent of the rich colors of the fruit.