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Top 5 Agriculture Online Articles in 2021 – Manila Bulletin

Many Filipinos are interested in growing crops, ornamental plants or livestock for business or pleasure, and this has only increased during the pandemic as more and more people turn to growing their own food, selling their crops or gardening as personal care to cope with the global crisis. .

Stephania erecta plant (Photo by Amy Lastimosa)

Here are the top five most searched topics on in 2021:

The FPJ fermented plant juice, not the late performer, can be an important part of a natural farmer’s arsenal. It contains microorganisms and lactic acid which can promote crop growth. Natural Farmers can make their own FPJ from materials they likely already have on the farm. It is an effective and inexpensive way to improve crop nutrition.

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Native chickens were once commonplace in many households. While urbanization means fewer families are raising their own poultry for consumption, the popularity of native chicken as a good source of inexpensive protein, especially for the backyard farmer, has never waned. This article is our 101 on raising native chickens. It is a good introduction for anyone looking to keep native poultry.

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Agriculture Online readers love stories about native plants, and their favorite is this article on the balayong, or Palawan cherry. Everyone has heard of Japan’s famous cherry blossoms, so Filipinos were thrilled to find that they didn’t need to leave the country to witness a similar spectacle. They can visit Palawan during the Balayong festival which is held around March, as soon as it is safe to travel again, of course.

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Raising rabbits for food is slowly gaining popularity in the Philippines. In addition to being approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, raising rabbits offers backyard and small-scale farmers the opportunity to earn money with relatively little capital. Also, as the market is relatively new, there is plenty of room for the industry to grow. And no, rabbit does not taste like chicken.

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Agriculture Online’s most read article of 2021 is about stephania erecta, an ornamental plant that is growing in popularity. 2020 marked the rise of plantitos and plantitas, sparking interest in ornamental plants. Want to know more about stephania erecta? This 101 is a good starting point.

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