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Top 10 Articles of 2021 – # 5: Fresenius Kabi implements RFID

Once relegated to monitoring large hospital equipment, RFID is starting to become more common in life science packaging. Here Melissa Griffen describes how Fresenius sought to add RFID for traceability on the vials to meet customer wishes. The key to the success of the project has been the use of GS1 standards. Griffen also discusses some lessons learned during the implementation.

Fresenius Kabi– a healthcare company specializing in drugs and life-saving technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition – was approached three years ago by several of its clients (hospitals and pharmacies) about the Implementing RFID tracking on the drug inventory they had added manually – a long and tedious process. Fresenius Kabi customers had found RFID tracking more accurate than barcodes, allowing them to scan many drugs at once, more easily track expiration dates, and better maintain tighter inventory levels. Healthcare packaging two-part series on RFID implementation at Allegheny Health Network further deepens interest in RFID from a distributor perspective.

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