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If you’ve always wanted a pet, or even if you already have a dog or cat but have room for more, now is the perfect time to adopt a pet. While there are many great reasons to adopt a four-legged friend – from the joy they bring to the love and care you can give them – there are even more pressing reasons to consider doing so. now.

Shelters are in crisis

Many pet shelters are currently overcrowded due to the overwhelming number of animals in need. But unlike some recent headlines, this increase is not due to a higher number of abandonments of adopted pets over the past year. Fortunately, most people who adopted animals during the pandemic are keeping their pets, but admission levels have increased exponentially again, with shelters seeing a near-record increase in the number of adoptable pets in the country. in recent weeks and months.

According to Petfinder, a searchable pet adoption resource and a network of more than 11,000 shelters and rescue organizations, several factors have driven this influx of adoptable pets, including:

• Sterilization and sterilization efforts have declined. Due to the pandemic, many animal spaying and neutering programs have been halted, resulting in an influx of kittens and puppies for adoption.

• Natural disasters. An increase in needs is also due to recent natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes and floods. Animals that have lost their homes and have been displaced need immediate care in already overcrowded shelters.

• Shortage of staff and volunteers. The pandemic has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of available staff and volunteers. The shelters rely heavily on community volunteers, so staff turnover has made it more difficult to keep up with the increase in staff.

• Stops. Many shelters, especially the smaller ones, have closed temporarily or permanently since the start of the pandemic due to lack of funding and resources. It also led to overcrowding in places that remained open.

Overcrowding in shelters affects both humans and animals

For animals, a crowded shelter can mean a longer stay in an already stressful environment. Constant stimulation of nearby animals, along with prolonged confinement and less human contact due to staffing issues at many shelters can have an emotional and developmental impact on animals waiting to be reunited with their forever families, kittens. and puppies in particular are less likely to get the socialization they need with humans to keep them happy, healthy, and ready for adoption.

“While shelter staff do everything they can to create a pet-friendly environment, longer stays in shelters can adversely affect an animal’s mental health,” said Jessica Arnold, head of the commitment of the partners of the Petfinder shelters at Purina. “The environment of a shelter can be stressful for pets, and not all manage it well. So the sooner they are adopted and taken out of this environment, the sooner they will acclimatize to a new home forever. “

Overcrowding in shelters can also have an emotional and psychological impact on employees. Shelter staff can be exhausted due to the stress of caring for animals during a crisis, ultimately leading to an already high turnover rate (almost 100%) – and new staff may find it even more difficult to keep up. adapt to stress and urgent needs of pets. to their care.

Finding your perfect pet has never been easier

As the leading authority on pet nutrition, welfare and adoption, Purina and Petfinder encourage anyone interested in adopting to visit or use the Petfinder app to connect to the largest network of shelters with adoptable pets. Recent technology enhancements to Petfinder now make it even easier for shelters to upload photos and bios of pets for adoption, so people can find their perfect match online quickly and seamlessly.

If you don’t know which pet is perfect for you and your lifestyle, you can take a 60-second quiz on to help you find your four-legged friend.

In addition to adopting a pet, fostering or volunteering at a local shelter or pet shelter are also great ways to help pets and those in their care. occupy them while they wait for a loving home. Adopting or welcoming a pet has an impact on the animal you bring into your family and makes room for another lovable animal at the shelter. And volunteering doesn’t just support shelter staff, it means more loving interactions, enrichment, and caring for the animals when they need it most.

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