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It is part of the natural world around us and is even part of an animal’s diet as a trace mineral found in whole grains, water, mushrooms and mammalian milk. Silver has been used to protect health for over 2,400 years. Long before modern medicine, silver was used for a wide range of health care and well-being. Sovereign Silver® PETS Bio-Active™ Silver Hydrosol for Immune Support and First aid gel for topical healing, provide a wide range of natural health benefits for your pets.

Because family is everything

70% of US households (about 90.5 million families) own a pet, according to the National Pet Owner Survey 2021-2022 conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Collectively, pet owners spent approximately $14.5 billion in 2021 to manage common conditions affecting their pets, such as upper respiratory issues, allergies, digestive health, arthritis/foot health. joints, skin health/hot spots or periodontal health. 77% of pet owners look for products labeled with natural or organic ingredients. Silver is being rediscovered by people looking for natural ways to support the health of their pets and the health of their families.

Why Sovereign Silver PETS?

Your pets are part of the family and they get the best of everything – sometimes it’s the softest part of the bed, sometimes it’s an extra walk or a tummy massage. Now you can give them the best of health, too, with Sovereign Silver PETS for immune support and topical healing. Pets love Sovereign Silver because it’s odorless and tastes like water. Since 1999, families have relied on Sovereign Silver for their health and well-being, and now the #1 silver seller in the United States is available for your furry family members.

Great benefits for furry friends

Sovereign Silver PETS sets the industry benchmark with its purity, safety and quality. Its manufacture is verified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), the only product in the category to have achieved such a high level of certification. In addition to our standard microbial testing, our products are also extensively tested by third-party labs for the absence of aflatoxins, fumonisins and vomitoxins, to ensure they are safe for your furry friends.

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Sovereign Silver PETS Bio-active silver hydrosol helps build and support a healthy immune system, boosts your pet’s innate resistance to pathogens, and relieves seasonal allergies. Our ultimate colloidal silver refinement also promotes periodontal health by supporting healthy teeth and gums.

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Sovereign silver PETS First aid gel helps speed healing up to 3x and minimize scarring by up to 80%, while fighting minor skin infections, reducing pain and calming inflammation. This multi-action gel soothes and relieves common pet minor skin irritations such as paw burns, hot spots, wounds, cuts, scrapes, insect bites and rashes caused by infection minor. It is non-toxic, safe if licked off, and has no known side effects when used as directed. The non-greasy, odorless and transparent formula does not stain and is perfect for all breeds of cats and dogs and all skin types. Sovereign Silver PETS First Aid Gel is the perfect alternative to conventional topical and herbal products.

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