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There’s nutrition – and rat droppings – in alphabet soup


Sorry. Let’s decipher the alphabet soup.

DART stands for Democrats and Republicans Together.

NDOC is Nonpartisan Doctors of Coeur d’Alene.

CEQEC stands for Citizens to elect qualified and experienced candidates.

On the other side of the political ledger, you have the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee, conjoined twins who love the John Birch Society, perpetuate tried and true myths, champion ideologically aligned candidates no matter what or their suitability for public service, and represent just about everything. Ronald Reagan – remember, a true Republican – would find objectionable.

What all those initials add up to is one hell of an election year ahead.

Who would have guessed ten years ago that conscientious conservatives would ally themselves not only with independents, but also with Democrats? That’s what the mud that threatens to swallow Idaho demands.

Due to IFFKCRCC’s incredibly deep (and dark) lead and pockets, the other initials are likely to suffer at least as many losses as they register wins. IFFKCRCC has operated unchecked for years. He’s done a masterful job of covering it up, convincing several thousand Idahoans that they’re the good guys and that everyone else belongs to adamant gangs of thugs.

This depiction could hardly be more misleading.

It will take several election cycles to reverse the negative momentum, starting at the Republican Party compound. Just a decade ago, the local GOP was made up mostly of conservatives who could work with just about anyone. Of course, they were loyal to their party, but their party was not the alpha and the omega.

Their goal was not division and alienation, like the current inhabitants of the central committee, but concentrated efforts to maintain and improve the many things that have made our region a great place to live, work and play. .

Business. Education. Health care. Public security. Investment in infrastructure. Real issues that affect ordinary people.

CRT, 2A rights under threat and distrust of election results? These aren’t problems in Idaho, but they’re part of the animated scarecrows erected by the IFFKCRCC, and they scare the bejeebus out of many voters.

So why are we telling you all this? First, to once again remind unaffiliated voters that if they want a say in the May 17 GOP primary, where extremism will face more rational candidates, contact the Kootenai County Elections Office this week and sign up Republican.

We also want to explain what the plethora of abbreviations and acronyms mean so you can keep your dashboard up to date. That way, you’ll know who’s putting what in your political alphabet soup.