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Swords Couple Launches Positive Mental Health Website To Help You ‘Find Your Freedom’


A couple of Swords have launched a new website that they say will “do wonders” for mental health in Ireland., which was co-founded by John Crossan and Rachel Murphy, is a platform for professionals to share news and evidence on psychology, wellness, nutrition and mental health.

The couple just returned to Ireland last month after several years abroad and hope their new online business will become an important resource as the country grapples with the psychological impact of Covid-19.

John (31), a well-known musician from Swords Manor, thinks the time has come to launch a new website focused on mental health issues.

“The last year and a half has been an extremely difficult time for everyone,” he said. “People are going to need tools to be able to cope with what they’ve been through – we want to help people learn to use these tools.”

John was a founding member of the Chandelier Sessions in Swords, which featured emerging local musicians. In recent years he has studied international relations in Germany and is currently working on his thesis from his new base in Cork, where Rachel is studying at university.

Her role on the new website is primarily technical and design driven, while Rachel contributes much of the content, along with other guest editors.

Rachel (28), of St Andrew’s in Swords, revealed that she was “in search of well-being her whole life”. She has just undertaken a master’s degree in applied psychology at UCC, with a view to possibly working as a consulting psychologist.

The couple, who have been together for four years, came up with the idea for the new website while they were recently living in Malta.

The news section of the website, which officially launched earlier this week, will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while relevant features will be added every Tuesday and Thursday. It is hoped that more experts will contribute additional content as the site grows.

“There will be a lot of content on the site, so it’s really very ambitious,” John said.

At the moment, the website is self-funded, but John and Rachel aim to attract sponsors as the going goes. The first attempts to obtain grants for starting a business have so far failed.

Separately, they plan to host future fundraisers for mental health charities, which – unsurprisingly given John’s background – will include live music events.

John and Rachel both passionately believe their website could ‘do wonders’ for mental health in Ireland.

“We think is a resource that is really needed in Ireland,” they said. “Lifestyle diseases are growing all over the world and the risk factor for them is our behaviors. By making small changes in our behavior, we can significantly reduce the risk of developing these diseases. “

They added that mental health is emerging as “a significant global problem”.

You can find out a lot more by visiting the new website at


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