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School Matters: Victoria ISD’s New Improved Website | Education

We all know the difficulties of trying to navigate an impossible to understand website. I have personally given up some because they are so difficult. Well, while we can’t fix every website, we’ve made a few tweaks to ours. These adjustments will help make the “new and improved” Victoria ISD website more user-friendly for our community.

What you’ll read here is an overview of what the new website does, some differences between the new and old website, and other additions to this new website.

We’ll start with what’s probably the biggest change from the old website to the new one with one word, albeit cut,: mobile friendly. The new website is widely accessible on your desktop or laptop computers, but it is now easy to access on your mobile devices as well. # Did you know that the VISD website sees more than half of its traffic coming from a mobile device?

There are no longer side menus on every page you visit. This is intended to reduce scrolling time when viewing pages. To access departments, students, parents and community sections, click on Menu and you will see the entire site menu at your fingertips.

Website Tip # 1: When you see a + sign, it means the webpage has multiple webpages. Click the + to expand and see your options.

In an effort to streamline the VISD website and be ADA compliant, you will see fewer PDFs on web pages and more direct links to documents. The documents feature allows departments to consolidate all their documents into one area. If you go to the menu you will see the documents icon and this is where you can find up to date files and PDFs organized within their department or for students, family and community.

As many know, a great way to stay connected is through social media. The new district website and all of our campus websites have the option to connect their social media pages directly to their specific site. This allows for an easy transition from the site to the social media platform you are looking for to see what is posted by schools in the district.

A new feature on this website that was not on the old one is our live feed which is at the top of the menu on the home page with news, events and documents or on the left side of the home page. The live feed allows visitors to see what the district is posting online in real time and allows members of our community who may not have social media to have a social media-like experience through the live feed. direct.

Each campus website also offers its own live feed, which allows yet another way to connect with parents and the community.

Another addition to the website is one that many have already seen. Our new Let’s Talk chat box feature debuted on the old VISD website, making it easy for people to submit questions, comments and other comments to the district and receive a timely response. This chat box has been moved to the new website.

When using Let’s Talk, people can submit questions regarding bus routes, school schedules, after-school programs, and more. Comments on how the district is doing or suggestions on what it can do better can be submitted along with reports on bullying, harassment or any other safety issue, if necessary. The chat box is available on every district page you visit.

The best thing, in my opinion, that this website will eventually have is the ability to change your language from English to Spanish. Talk about accessibility, right? Thanks to this, visitors will be able to browse and find what they are looking for in one of the two languages ​​with which they feel most comfortable.

The Victoria ISD app will soon be available on IOS and Android. The new app will allow you to select your campuses as favorites. So when you open the app on your mobile device, you can easily see what’s happening on the campuses that matter most to you.

We want all of the resources in our district to be as accessible as possible to our community, and we hope these changes will do just that. We know that with this change some may struggle to find their way to the new site. Any questions, concerns or comments are welcome and can be sent to us via LetsTalk, or the Victoria ISD Communications Department email address, [email protected]

Ashley Scott is the Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations for VISD.

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