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Salvadoran construction worker inspired Bitcoin World


What does it mean when we say Bitcoin provides financial access?

It is a phrase too often separated from meaning, relegated to press releases, advertisements, speeches in stadiums, in front of people whose lives go on, indifferent to any gadget, whatever it is, whatever it is. application, regardless of the financial product “launched” or “published.”

In El Salvador, however, financial access means empowerment. It means access to lost things, access to things that others take for granted, to things wanted, to things that were previously out of reach.

For Adrian, a Salvadoran construction worker, it also meant recognition – his story beginning with a single tweet that would resonate widely and deeply across the Bitcoin world.

Because when Bitcoin arrived in El Salvador, so did Bitcoiners, and when they did, Adrian wouldn’t just start saving in bitcoin, he would meet lawyers and journalists on the streets of El Zonte, and he would find the courage to tell his inspiring story to the world.

Truth be told, shortly before Bitcoin, just sharing a smile with these strangers was an elusive dream for Adrian – his teeth, long rotten, had fallen out due to a lack of dental care that prevented him from even to eat.

Adrian’s story, he knew, was not unique – today the elderly in El Salvador continue to suffer, their diet of soft tortillas is a concession to the truth that many cannot chew, this treatment for many remains an impossible dream.

But things have changed since Adrian decided to share the story of how he saved in a strange internet currency and watched, day after day, his savings grow and his dream come true.

Since then, Adrian’s story – and smile – has shone together, inspiring the best of the global Bitcoin community, as developers, entrepreneurs and dentists come together, teaming up to form an initiative – Bitcoin Smiles – to help more people like Adrian smile again.

Today, Bitcoin Smiles is raising funds for more treatments, to cover all costs related to critical dental care. Because in El Salvador, a single Bitcoin can provide up to 50 people with dental check-ups, with dentures, with the critical care that Adrian has needed for so long.

In the last Bitcoin Magazine issue in print, we’re sharing Adrian’s story because he had the courage to tell it.

Because in El Salvador, Bitcoin can make a difference.

To learn more about the historic adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador and all of the other top stories of this financial revolution, subscribe to Bitcoin Magazinethe print edition of now.


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