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Quad Press Readers Vote For Best Website; winner was decided | New


Quad Community Press readers have spoken. The winner of the 2021 Readers’ Choice Best of the Press competition for the best website category is Press Publications.

One of the finalists for Best Website is the Quad Region Chamber of Commerce (QACC), an organization representing the Quad region that supports and promotes local business communities and the overall prosperity of four cities – Centerville, Circle Pines , Lexington and Lino Lakes.

Press Publications provides local news for eight different areas across the North Metro. The company celebrated its 125th anniversary in April 2021 and continues to provide hyperlocal and reliable information to its community. As technology has advanced over the years and consumers visit sites online for information, Press Publications has had to adapt. In addition to providing local newspapers for surrounding communities, the Press Publications website has reached over one million visitors each year.

The website provides direct links to each of its eight sections and offers several resources that community members can access. Tabs at the top of the site allow users to read news, sports and opinion columns and also provide access to obituaries, photo galleries, police reports, public notices and letters to the editor . The website also includes a calendar highlighting different events in the community and surrounding communities.

The QACC website, managed by Executive Director Dorothy Radermacher, has many different resources that local businesses and residents can access. Community members can click on the events tab and access the community calendar to find out what events are happening in their area. Registration information, if required, can also be found under the Events tab.

There are tabs to support local businesses and nonprofits in the Quad area, as well as a tab for employment opportunities that community members and businesses can use for job searching and Job vacancies. The website also includes tabs for the religious and spiritual community and local schools, complementing the wide range of organizations with which QACC works.

“It’s very humbling and rewarding to see all the effort I have put in to support each of the four cities as a community and to be able to be a resource and provide low cost options for small businesses,” Radermacher said.

QACC worked in partnership with other local organizations to help facilitate community festivals in August, which more than doubled activity on its website. As local communities enter a new season, Radermacher hopes QACC can build on its summer momentum and use it throughout the year.

“I am delighted to continue to raise awareness that there is a chamber in these four communities”, said Radermacher. “I am very proud to include all sectors and to build relationships. “

Caden Christiansen is a contributing writer for Press Publications. He can be contacted by emailing [email protected] or calling 651-407-1200.