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Progress updates added to City Transportation 2020+ website

CLARKSVILLE, TN – City Communications has released its latest update to the Transport 2020+ website where users can see the up-to-date progress for each level 1 road, sidewalk and transit project in the Transport 2020+ strategy. .

The latest update was made possible through collaboration with the Clarksville Street Department which oversees the execution of the strategy and provides weekly updates correlating to the public website.

“This website gives us a level of transparency like never before for local government,” said Mayor Joe Pitts. “The city council adopted the Transport 2020+ strategy in July, and since then we have had our foot on the gas. Weekly project updates with our Street service are held for status updates, contracts are signed, dirt moves and progress is made. To help tell the story of what goes behind the scenes, we’ve developed this site so that the citizens of Clarksville not only have a better understanding of what their money is going for, but also understand the intricacies of the projects. roads, sidewalks and public transport. . I encourage everyone to visit and keep an eye out for updates as we lead the way for progress in Clarksville.

In addition to tracking progress, the website also offers a live camera feed of the current progress of the Rossview Road project, with more cameras at major project sites to be added in the future. A detailed breakdown of processes such as design and engineering, right-of-way acquisition and construction of roads, sidewalks and transit projects can be found on the site to better inform the public about the various stages. to cross to move forward. with a project.

A “Latest news” tab has been added which groups together the City’s press releases relating to the overall progress of the 2020+ Transport Strategy and its projects so that the public can quickly reference the latest major developments.

“Not everyone understands what goes on in a road or sidewalk project with which government entities are responsible for certain infrastructure,” said Chris Cowan, senior engineering director. “The hope with this new website is that we can better educate the general public about these processes in order to build a realistic understanding of the timelines of these projects and the complexities that unfold along the way. ”

Launched in unison with the Transport Strategy 2020+ in February 2021, the corresponding website has since undergone various enhancements in order to provide timely and accurate information regarding the Strategy.

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