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[Podcast] Top Articles, Favorite Traditions and What’s New from Progressive Dairy in 2022 – With Editors Walt Cooley and Peggy Coffeen


In this Progressive dairy products podcast, listen to Walt Cooley and Peggy Coffeen as they recap the year, talk about lore, and preview the changes ahead for Progressive dairy products in the new year. Listen until the end to find out what special gift Walt has for you.

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Season 3, Episode 43

Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

  • Top three on our list of the 25 best progressive dairy products [~2:00]
  • Progressive Dairy Christmas Traditions [~6:45]
  • What’s new at Progressive Dairy in 2022 [~18:45]
  • Walt’s gift to you [~23:00]

Show remarks:

Top 25 for Progressive Dairy in 2021

Walt’s Christmas gift to listeners: dairy podcast list

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