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PK Newby raised in port brings science to nutrition – news

PK Newby, who grew up in Port Washington, has written a new book on nutrition. (Courtesy of Newby’s website)

When it comes to nutrition, PK Newby knows what she’s talking about.

Newby, who grew up in Port Washington, holds a doctorate in nutrition from the Harvard School of Public Health and a master’s degree in public health and human nutrition from Columbia University. But she said too many people get their nutrition advice from celebrities who don’t know what they’re talking about.

“Science has a lot of answers [on nutrition] but you wouldn’t know because of all these unscientific voices, ”she said. “You have Gwyneth Paltrow running Goop, which is a nightmare, or Dr. Oz, who has been called out for his quackery. Tthere are far too many people giving bad advice.

Newby brought his scientific approach to his new book, “Food and Nutrition: What Everyone Needs to Know”. She will return to her hometown to discuss the book at the Port Washington Public Library on Wednesday, September 12 at 7:30 p.m. The book will be available for purchase during the event.

“One of my catchphrases for the book is ‘the nutritional confusion ends here’,” she said. “This is accessible, evidence-based nutrition. “

Newby was born and raised in Port Washington and graduated from Paul D. Schreiber High School. It was during her youth that she first became interested in food and nutrition.

“I have always had a deep love for food,” she said. “My mother was a cook and I learned baking when I was very young.

Newby was active with athletics and theater at Schreiber. She also dabbled in restaurant business working at Finn MacCool’s on Main Street during the summers in high school and college.

She said she wanted to be a scientist too and that nutrition was a good way to combine that with her passion for food. After completing her education (she also earned a BA in Social Welfare from the State University of New York at Albany, with minors in Psychology and Sociology), she returned to Harvard as an Assistant Associate Professor in nutrition. She also taught at Boston University.

Outside of teaching, she previously wrote another nutrition book, “Superfoods”, in 2016 and co-authored another, “Foods for Health: Choose and Use the Very Best Foods for Your Family and Our Planet” , in 2014. She appeared on the ABC cooking show “The Taste” during the 2014-15 season and frequently blogged.

One of the things that annoys Newby the most about wellness companies like Paltrow’s Goop is that the products are unnecessarily expensive. She said eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.

“It’s important that people have fruits and vegetables, and I always say having frozen fruits and vegetables is a way to get the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables, and you don’t have to worry about that. it is deteriorating, ”she said. .

In addition to reducing misinformation, Newby’s new book seeks to provide more information than just calories about the foods people eat.

“For example, the paleo diet contains a lot of protein, maybe too much protein, and it can be harmful to your health and the environment,” she said, noting that meat production has had an impact. negative on the planet. “What you eat has an impact on the environment … so when you go through the index of the book, you can find information on things like pesticides and fertilizers.”

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