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SCOTLAND NECK – Owner Oleg Gonzalez recently opened his new OG Nutrition business on December 10 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Gonzalez said he had lived in Raleigh for six years, but originally left Mexico for a better life.

“We come from the coast, and our city is poor when it comes to not having a lot of jobs available,” he said. “So I decided to come to America to have a job and earn some money.”

While in Raleigh, Gonzalez said he had a friend who showed him Herbalife Nutrition products, of which Herbalife is a company that offers nutritional shakes and business partnerships. After being introduced to the product, he said he started to feel healthier with energy and felt better.

“I drank Herbalife pretty much every day – twice a day,” Gonzalez said. “And then I started to lose weight. So I felt more energy and started to feel good and look good. I then decided to continue drinking Herbalife as a way of life.

And after six years of drinking the product and getting in shape, Gonzalez said he decided to open his business, OG Nutrition in Scotland Neck, a month ago. He said he offers smoothies and teas that he can make on the go or sell you an Herbalife Nutrition package.

“I’m looking to involve more people to start being healthy and living a healthier lifestyle,” Gonzalez said.

Eventually, he said he would start exercise camps outside of his company to help motivate people to become more active and start eating healthier. Gonzalez said those interested in seeing his products can follow him on Facebook and Instagram by searching for OG Nutrition to get an overview of his menu and products.

OG Nutrition is located at 1223 Main St. in Scotland Neck. For more information, call 919-897-9070.