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Ensign Mary Jane Tran, a Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) charge nurse assigned to the mother-baby unit, was surprised to receive the DAISY award at a ceremony on January 31.

Captain Shelley Perkins, Commanding Officer of NMCP, presented DAISY thank you gifts which included a certificate, an “Ask Me the DAISY Award” pin, a daisy to put on her name badge, and a serpentine sculpture.

The sculpture is hand carved by the Shona tribe in Zimbabwe. They are particularly significant, not only because they depict the warm relationship nurses have with their patients, but also because of the deep respect the Shona people have for their traditional healers. Shona healers are affectionately regarded as treasurers by those they care for and that describes exactly what the DAISY Foundation and organizational partners think of nurses.

The DAISY Award was established by the DAISY Foundation in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick (Pat) Barnes, a patient who lost his life to the autoimmune disease ITP. Barnes’ family wanted to recognize the incredible care nurses gave him before his death and created the award now embraced by healthcare organizations around the world.

“People with real compassion like her are hard to find, and (she) has made this whole time here an incredible experience,” as the person who nominated Tran for the DAISY Award said. “Any mother would be blessed to have Mary Jane.”

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