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New Juice and Shake Bar Opens in Downtown Tyler | New

A new juice and shake bar in downtown Tyler opened its doors to customers this week.

Tyler Square Nutrition, which has sister locations with different names around town, focuses on selling Herbalife products. The company sells teas, protein shakes and juices that are low in calories and serve as meal replacements.

Other locations include Grande Nutrition on West Grande Boulevard and Chandler Nutrition, based in Chandler.

Owner Tina Burch said when the business discovered a vacant spot in downtown Tyler, she jumped on it thinking it was the perfect way to continue growing the business.

“It was a dream of ours,” Burch said.

Burch, who called herself a “people person,” said one of the things she enjoys most about the industry is “giving a product that’s really good for people and helping somebody out.” one to feel good”.

“We can go out and eat burgers all day, but everyone should be lucky enough to be healthy,” Burch said.

Some of the customer favorites are low-calorie teas, she said. The teas consist mostly of sugar-free flavorings, aloe, which is good for digestion, and other natural fruit flavors, according to Burch.

According to Burch, one particular drink defines the location of the downtown plaza is the “Odd Fellow”, named after the building where the business is located.

“We wanted to come up with a drink that looked and tasted good and also felt like our building,” Burch said.

The Odd Fellow is a red drink that resembles the original colors of the building before it was painted. The drink is made with Original Tea, Aloe Vera, Liftoff Pineapple and Fandango Pineapple.

Burch, who called herself an entrepreneur, has other businesses in town, including an embroidery shop in Chandler.

She said the first two days of business were slow, but she said it was like building a new group of customers for a new location. The company distributed information leaflets at its inauguration on Tuesday.

“I really hope we can get our business built, especially now that they’re revamping downtown,” Burch said. “It takes time.”

Tyler Square Nutrition also offers hair care supplements and vitamins by Herbalife.

“I want customers to know that I’m a real person and that I’m going to give them the best quality possible,” Burch said. “I want them to feel comfortable and happy enough to come back and say, ‘That was delicious. ”

Tyler Square Nutrition is located at 220-A W. Erwin St.

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