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New Berry On The Block Contains Double The Antioxidants

Berry flavonoid content

It is widely known and touted that certain berries are rich in antioxidants, believed to help strengthen the immune system and fight infectious diseases and viruses. The last one to make news is black elderberry, the main ingredient of the food supplement Black elderberry Sambucol, which has twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and almost twice that of cranberries, according to the Department of Agriculture’s ORAC rating (oxygen radical absorbency capacity).

Best of all, you won’t have to pick berries to get that immune boost now that Food supplement black elderberry Sambucol is widely available in the United States Sambucol is the original black elderberry that has been tested in published clinical trials and is made from a [blackelderberryextract[extraitdesureaunoir[blackelderberryextract – originally formulated by a virologist – with higher antioxidant capacity than most other fruits. Sambucol dietary supplements are produced from whole black elderberries and contain up to 1000 black elderberries in each 120 ml / 4 oz bottle and are made from the same part of the plant, which has an impact on the consistency of quality and efficiency. .

Here are a few more little-known facts about black elderberry:

• Throughout history, black elderberry has been used to treat colds, flu, fever, burns, cuts and over 70 other illnesses, from toothache to plague. The medicinal benefits of the bay date back to prehistoric times. Evidence of this use has been observed in Stone Age villages located at sites in Italy and Switzerland. Recipes were also discovered that showed the use of black elderberry in ancient Egypt.

• Black elderberry, also known as Sambucus nigra L, is a small shrub or bush native to most of Europe, northwest Africa and southwest Asia. It usually grows in very sunny areas and can grow in both wet and dry fertile areas.

• In modern times, black elderberry has been used as a dietary supplement to help strengthen the immune system. Sambucol Black Elderberry is the original elderberry product sold in stores in over 15 countries that has been studied and tested in published clinical trials showing that it helps support the immune system. Sambucol’s unique formulation and extraction process preserves and maximizes the berry’s natural health benefits.

•The Sambucol product line is now widely available nationwide at major retailers including health food stores, vitamin retailers including Vitamin Shoppe, drugstore chains including Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS, independent pharmacies and online at Go to for full in-store availability and more information on the health benefits of black elderberry.

Note to media:

For more information or to set up an interview with Claire Wheeler, MD, an integrative health expert who has recommended black elderberry Sambucol to her patients for many years, contact Rachahd Tosado at Robin Leedy & Associates, (914) 241-0086 ext. 15, or rtosado (at) robinleedyassociates (dot) com. Visit Sambucol’s online press room at


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