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Nestlé India’s consumer website has been viewed by 10.4 million users since launch

Nestlé India said on Tuesday that its consumer website “AskNestle”, which focuses on providing nutrition information to parents, has been accessed by 10.4 million users over the past three years since its launch. launch in 2019.

The platform aims to empower parents to make informed decisions about their children’s food choices and nutrition. He added that nearly 3.8 million users accessed content, nutrition tools and videos on the platform in 2021 alone. Major FMCG said that the launch of the platform in Hindi language has led the platform to attract nearly one million users.

Chandan Mukherji, Head – Strategy and Marketing Communication, Nestlé India said: “Since its launch, AskNestlé.in has aimed to provide parents with personalized real-time nutrition advice that is balanced, relevant and science-based. Over the years, we have not only made nutrition more accessible by launching the platform in Hindi, but we have also added features such as growth tracking, immune scale to the platform which are in line with the era in which we live.

He added that the company has decided that the platform will now also feature adult nutrition content “with the intention of making a ‘one stop nutrition solution’ for the whole family.”

Published on

April 12, 2022