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Neil Parsont launches website

The prolific entrepreneur creates a new digital platform from which he will publish his ideas and share his press articles.

BOCA RATON, FL /ACCESSWIRE/November 9, 2022/ It is with great pride and pleasure that Neil Parsont, prolific entrepreneur and CEO of Cram Tutoring, 6-Pack Macros, 6-Pack Crypto and Zero Cheating, announces that his new website is live and ready to welcome visitors. . The site, accessible at neilparsont.comfeatures a variety of media related to Neil’s career, including photos, interviews, articles and a selection of blog entries.

Among the exciting and original content highlighted in the website’s debut is an in-depth interview with Neil Parsont conducted by freelance journalist Stefan Junge on behalf of an online periodical aimed at business people and entrepreneurs. . In the play, Neil tackles a wide range of topics; everything from what inspired him to start his businesses to how he brings his ideas to life. In one notable section, he is asked how exactly he maintains productivity while overseeing the operations of multiple businesses. “I’m not hitting the snooze button,” he replies, emphasizing the importance of getting up early and tackling tasks head-on. “When my alarm goes off in the morning, I get up without hesitation, write down my specific tasks for the day in a to-do list, and check off items as I accomplish them.”

The new website also features introductory blog entries written by Neil himself. In it he discusses topics such as how to deal with some endemic issues of starting a business from scratch and the factors entrepreneurs need to consider when hiring, two topics he has extensive experience with. first hand.

On top of all this, the website also offers a number of ways to get in touch with Neil on social media, whether it’s to inquire about the services of one of his many companies, to seek his advice about starting a new business, or just to reach out and say hello.

A long-time supporter of digital media, the launch of this website represents the realization of a long-held ambition for Neil Parsont, and he is very pleased with the result. The site will be regularly updated with new content.

About Neil Parson:

Neil Parsont is the owner and founder of Cram Tutoring and Zero Cheating, two companies that deal with academics, as well as the CEO of 6-Pack Macros, a health and fitness company. Neil grew up in New Jersey until he was 12, before his family moved to Boca Raton, Florida. He excelled in high school and then attended Florida Atlantic University (FAU), where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2008. He went on to earn his MBA in 2016.

Neil Parsont is a prolific entrepreneur, having created Zero Cheating, an online exam proctoring company with patent-pending hardware and software solutions preventing all forms of cheating. One of his early ventures, Cram Tutoring, is a successful tutoring business that offers tutoring for a variety of courses offered by post-secondary institutions. Neil is also the CEO of 6-Pack Macros, a company that creates personalized fitness plans, including workout and nutrition strategies, to empower their customers. This company recently launched a mobile application. Neil Parsont is also involved with 6-Pack Crypto, a cryptocurrency incubator hedge fund based on fundamental analysis for investing.

Outside of work, Neil enjoys playing chess, working out, bowling and playing billiards. He also frequently frequents comedy clubs with friends.

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