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Mangaluru: Inauguration of the first outlet of Serene Farms and launch of the website

Photos: Abhijith N Kolpe

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru

Mangaluru, October 27: Serene Farms’ first premium outlet was opened by Philomena Thoras and Irene D’Souza at Maroli here on Thursday 27th October.

Philomena Thoras is the mother of Wilson Thoras, owner of Serene Farms and Irene D’Souza is her stepmother.

Hosabettu Parish Priest of Moodbidri Church, Father Gregory D’Souza blessed the outing.

The Serene Farms website was launched by Walter Nandalike, Managing Director of Daijiworld Media Private Limited. The Serene Farms name board was inaugurated by the pastor of Infant Mary Bajjodi Church, Father Ivan D’Souza.

Addressing the gathering, Walter Nandalike said, “Whenever young people start a business, we have to encourage them. Santhosh and Wilson have taken a very good initiative by launching Serene Farms which deals with natural and hygienic products. Even if it is located in an inland region like Maroli, this will not hamper its activity. I wish this business to prosper and many more branches to spring up.

Santhosh D’Souza and Corporal Keshav Maroli were also present.

Geo D’Silva Agrar participated in the event and Wilma Thoras returned the vote of thanks.

About Serene Farms

The farms are nestled in the serene beauty of the foothills of the Western Ghats, fringed by towering mountains accented with misty peaks and lush green valleys. The founders pride themselves on ensuring freshness and quality at every stage of their breeding process. Each time we choose free-range chicken, eggs, we are assured that the reference nutrition arrives directly on the table.

At this number one premium outlet, Serene will offer quality brown eggs, free-range chickens and young broiler chickens. The Serene Farms website will offer a one-click experience for online ordering.

Here, all the eggs are pasture-raised, meaning the hens that produce them are free to roam healthy pasture all year round. Serene Farms guarantees you can taste the difference. Eggs are high in protein, OMEGA 3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, antioxidants and less saturated fat.

Free-range chicken is raised outdoors in a stress-free natural environment; the taste is very different from a broiler chicken. The birds are fed with natural cereals enriched with herbs. The meat of this bird is considered one of the most premium varieties available on the market.

Young broiler chickens are raised on high biosecurity, high quality farms with the utmost care for the health and nutrients of the birds. The staff select the poultry at the right age to obtain tenderness and the right flavor. The meat is processed in high level semi-automated hygienic facilities and packaged in food grade packaging. One can enjoy the flavor of delicious, tender cut meats delivered fresh to Serene Farms homes.

The farms have high standards and Serene strives to produce the best quality free range chickens and eggs that are readily available.

One can taste the nutritious free-range eggs and enjoy the flavor of delicious, tender cut meat delivered fresh to your home by Serene Farms.

For orders, home delivery call: 84310 27379, 99648 54154