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Majarra launches mental health website Nafseyati in partnership with Psychologies de France

Majarra announced the launch of Nafseyati, an Arabic online mental health content platform, in cooperation with French global platform Psychologies. Nafseyati offers reliable, up-to-date and science-based information by psychologists and specialists from around the world and the region, transforming the accessibility of this content in Arabic. It is part of the Majarra Arabic Website Network.

“We are thrilled to launch Nafseyati, delivering on Majarra’s promise to provide the best Arabic content on the internet,” said Ammar Haykal, CEO of Majarra. “This is a great partnership with a world-renowned provider to address the critical topic of mental health and wellbeing,” he added. “We will continue to publish the most trusted content on topics that impact our lives in the region. There will be more launches before the end of 2021.”

“Creating original and useful Arabic content is at the heart of twofour54’s mission, and our long-time partner Majarra has been at the forefront of this high-potential industry,” said Michael Garin, CEO of twofour54 d ‘Abu Dhabi. “Mental health is more critical than ever to the development and well-being of society, and we are delighted to see Majarra bring its reliability, credibility and expertise to this important subject,” he said. added.

Elyane Vignau, digital editor of Psychologies, said: “For more than half a century, Psychologies has provided the world with reliable scientific information on psychology and well-being. Psychologies is available in multiple languages, and it’s always organized to serve a global audience and is accessible to them. We are delighted that it is now also available in Arabic. Vignau added that: “Majarra’s mission to provide the best Arabic content is inspiring, and we are delighted to be cooperating with such a reputable publishing partner to launch Nafseyati, helping millions of Arabic users access one of the most important topics that enables humanity to better understand itself and its environment, and to improve its life.”

Commenting on the occasion, HE Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, welcomed the launch of “Nafseyati”, emphasizing the importance of mental health as an essential complement to the physical health. Mental health is an important element that has a direct impact on the quality of life of individuals in all communities. His Excellency added, “Abu Dhabi is committed to ensuring the delivery of an integrated health system that highlights the needs of community members and ensures their health and safety. Mental health is one of our priorities and we are pleased to lead and support national initiatives that focus on raising awareness around this topic. These initiatives help to use innovative solutions, provide access to the general public, and engage all community groups to ensure that mental health support is provided where it is needed.We will continue to build local and global partnerships with key institutions that will help us find innovative solutions for the well-being and health of societies.

During the pandemic, Abu Dhabi has started providing mental health support service to people with mental pressures through the Istijaba Helpline, which is affiliated with the Medical Operations Command Center of the Ministry of Health in Abu Dhabi. ‘Abu Dhabi.

“It is exciting to see French and Arab internet leaders working together to improve the quality of life for everyone,” said HE Xavier Chatel, Ambassador of France to the United Arab Emirates. “The pandemic has brought psychological challenges due to lockdowns, social distancing or remote working, all of which have changed life as we know it. France has strengthened its roadmap for mental health and psychiatry. ” He concluded, “I am confident that Nafseyati will provide reliable information that Arabic speakers in the UAE and beyond need in such situations.”

Nafseyati covers psychology topics, showing the connection between mental health and the variables we witness in the world around us and the impact on our personal, professional and social lives. Topics covered include sexual health, nutrition and sport, and addictions in various forms. Content will come in the form of articles, videos, reports, in-depth research, summaries and highlights, in addition to audio content such as audio articles and podcasts. The website will also allow readers to submit questions to be answered by experts.

During the summit, Majarra signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arabic Language Center Abu Dhabi (ALC) – part of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) to collaborate in several areas to promote the Arabic language online and offline.

About Psychologies

Since 1970, Psychologies has been a leading publisher in the areas of mental health, psychology, wellness, personal development, and family and community relations. Psychologies addresses these issues in a positive, solution-oriented, and supportive style by providing information and experiences and establishing lines of communication with experts and specialists that are accessible to all. The website has editions in the UK, Turkey, Belgium, Romania and Russia.

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