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gGiven the unprecedented disruptions the pet industry supply chain has experienced over the past two years due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s no surprise that many pet retailers have sought out supplier partners who can keep their shelves constantly stocked with safe, high-quality products. some products. Unfortunately, these partners have often been rare, even among the largest and oldest vendors in the industry. However, some pet product companies have risen to meet the challenges posed by a turbulent supply chain to provide pet stores with what they need most right now: reliability.

ValuePetSupplies (VPS) is one such company. Founded in 2004 by Zachary Piech and his mother, Cheri, the company has grown from a small home-based eBay seller of dog chews, treats and home training supplies to a reliable wholesaler of dog chews, treats and home training supplies. dog chew operating out of a 116,000-square- Foot Warehouse based in Livingston, Tennessee. Even more impressively, VPS accomplished this evolution during a time when consistency was far from the norm.

“We live in a time of disruption and change,” says Nick Carter, chief revenue officer of VPS. “Like most industries, the pet industry is having dramatic impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As we attempt to normalize our lives and conduct our businesses within the parameters of the ‘new normal’, We are facing a supply chain in disarray Manufacturers are facing significant delays and cost increases due to logistics congestion at all stages of the delivery system Demand is strong, but supply rays has never been so difficult.

While VPS only built and launched its wholesale catalog for all buyers in 2021, the company has increasingly attracted pet-related businesses, such as physical pet stores, groomers, breeders, kennels, rescues, parks, clinics, spas, walkers, trainers and more over the years.

“Since the company was founded, we’ve always had bulk offers,” says Carter. “The main motivation was to be competitive with some of the biggest names in the market. Shipping is expensive, so it’s a big part of the cost to the customer, and [by shipping in bulk] we are able to reduce the unit cost. Well, what we noticed was that an interesting group of companies were buying our packaging in bulk, and they were buying in larger quantities and very frequently, to support their business.

This organic growth of a B2B customer base ultimately inspired the creation of VPS’s formal wholesale business last year, when company executives realized there was an overwhelming need among retailers and other pet-related businesses for a reliable source of products, especially when it came to the dog chew category.

“It was definitely getting harder for us to source product, so it was probably an industry-wide issue,” Carter says.

Since VPS had excess warehousing and production capacity, the company was able to scale its business seamlessly by launching the wholesale program, which it aims to make as easy as possible to use through its site. Web ( Described by Carter as “simple and convenient”, the wholesale program requires no special logins – pet stores, groomers or any other pet-related business that wants to sell products such as bully sticks can purchase on the website like any other customer and pay with a credit card.

“Several years ago we coined the term ‘open wholesale’ which means there is nothing exclusive about it – any dog ​​walker, dog trainer or other related business to pets who have a shingle can buy things from our store and sell them as part of their business,” says Carter. “We try to make it as simple, convenient, and accessible as possible because, as a retailer , we know what it’s like to try to source products directly and through distribution.Often there are a lot of requirements – minimum order requirements, pallet layer requirements, quality checks credit, etc. It’s not our thing.

To support the launch of its wholesale business, VPS has also embarked on a dedicated marketing campaign, which will be on full display at Global Pet Expo next month (booth #1112), where the company will showcase and distribute samples of his collagen. sticks, which Carter describes as “a hot and promising product line that’s in the same vein as bully sticks, but with more health benefits.”

Combining Quality & Reliability

The collagen sticks that VPS will be showcasing at Global Pet Expo are just the latest addition to a carefully selected assortment of dog chews that the company wholesales under its exclusive ValueBull and ValueBone brands. Each product in the range has been chosen for its high quality and subjected to VPS’s strict quality control standards.

“By sourcing [our products] at the raw material level, we are able to have a team dedicated to hand picking, inspecting and processing treats,” says Carter. “So we do all the quality assurance and packaging, and we have very high standards for product quality. Additionally, we back this up with a very high standard of customer service, especially for resellers.

This commitment to quality alone would be enough to make VPS a top supplier in the pet industry, but combine that with a proven track record of being able to get products onto store shelves quickly and reliably. and it becomes clear that the company should be at the top of every pet store’s salesperson contact list. In fact, VPS rarely experiences delays, even during times when supply chain disruptions handcuff other suppliers.

“We treat all headaches related to [maintaining a consistent supply chain]says Carter, noting that the company’s ability to anticipate and proactively address disruptions has enabled VPS to provide its B2B customers with the reliability they depend on from their suppliers. “The value we bring to the table is that we have to sweat that stuff. It’s extremely difficult, and frankly, you have to have a lot of buying power.

Another key to VPS’ reliability as a wholesaler was how it responded internally to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously from the start, the company early instituted social distancing practices, mask requirements, ventilation protocols, and added financial incentives for staff members to stay safe. get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“We’re a family business with a conscience,” says Carter. “None of us wanted to neglect anything and have someone get sick because we weren’t doing enough. So we went to extreme lengths to keep our team safe.

Despite how quickly VPS has accelerated and refined its fledgling wholesale business over the past year, it isn’t content to rest on its past successes. In fact, the company continues to seek new ways to deliver even more value to its B2B customers, whether by improving supply chain efficiencies, reducing shipping costs, and passing these savings on retailers, or by developing new product offerings that take advantage of the latest nutritional science and trends.

“Our aspiration is to continue to deliver five-star products and a five-star customer experience,” says Carter. “As a company, this is our fundamental guiding principle, and we make all of our decisions based on it.” BP