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Lt. Col. Garrett Holt assumed command of the Lyster Army Health Clinic from Lt. Col. Danielle Rodondi during a change of command ceremony at the Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker on June 7.

The audience was very different from when Lt. Col. Rodondi first accepted command in June 2020 in a virtual ceremony at the height of the COVID pandemic with just ten people in attendance at the museum. During Tuesday’s event, community leaders, colleagues, family and friends gathered to witness the centuries-old tradition, the change of command ceremony.

Brig. Gen. Mary Krueger, commanding general of the U.S. Army Regional Health Command-Atlantic, hosted the ceremony.

“The Fort Rucker MEDDAC team assembled with us today served in one of the most dynamic environments in our recent history,” remarked Brig. General Krueger. “The work required to keep the world’s best trained and most skilled Airmen ready and in the air is no easy task, and what the Lyster team has accomplished has required committed and innovative leadership.”

Brig. General Krueger continued to bid farewell to an accomplished leader, as she welcomed another to Team Lyster, Lt. Col. Garrett Holt. “I am confident that his leadership and experience will successfully move MEDDAC Fort Rucker forward and continue to represent military medicine well.”

Outgoing commander Lt. Col. Danielle Rodondi said it was a great honor to serve Lyster and the Fort Rucker community. She will continue her military career at the Air War College.

“Lyster’s strategic value lies in its support of Army Aviation,” Lt. Col. Rodondi remarked as he shared his perspective on the role Lyster and the team have played during the pandemic. “Over the past two years during the pandemic, Lyster’s committed medical professionals have completely transformed operations to keep Airmen in the air and care for families and retirees.”

Lt. Col. Rodondi expressed his gratitude to the team, “Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as Commandant of Lyster Army Health Clinic.”

She concluded by welcoming Lt. Col. Holt and his family to Lyster. “You are joining an incredible team of healthcare professionals at Lyster.”

The incoming commander’s recent assignment, Lt. Col. Holt, was Secretary of the General Staff, Regional Health Command – Pacific.

Lt. Col. Holt remarked that he is honored to join the Lyster family. “I look forward to working with our community leaders as we build a stronger, healthier Fort Rucker community.” He continued, “History shows us that there are great leaders, and there are tough times, and sometimes both arrive at the same place at the same time. (Lt. Col. Rodondi) You were clearly that for Lyster during an unprecedented pandemic, among many other missions and tasks that have made Lyster a high-quality health preparedness platform and cemented a legacy of greatness in this organization. Good job.”

The Lyster Army Health Clinic serves a population of approximately 17,000 beneficiaries. The clinic is consistently ranked among Regional Health Command Atlantic’s top military treatment facilities for its ability to provide excellent health care.

Lt. Col. Holt concluded, “Preparedness is our priority, and we will continue to deliver it through quality, ready, and reliable care at Lyster Army Health Clinic.”