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Local News: A National Victory (08/01/22)

(Photo Provided) Hinton’s Ian Hertenstein was recently named the national winner of an FCCLA STAR event at a leadership conference in San Diego.

HINTON — Number one in the country. Yes, you read that right – the nation.

That’s what Ian Hertenstein, who will be a junior at Hinton in the 2022-23 school year, got at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in San Diego earlier this summer.

Hertenstein won first place in a STAR event, the Food Innovation – Tier 2 category.

“Finishing first in a STAR event meant more than words can explain,” Hertenstein said. “It’s the result of many hours of hard work and dedication to a project. I felt a great sense of pride in what I had created with my two partners, Kyra Peters and Sara Skuodas. They helped me do everything with the project, including getting to the state level. It’s not easy to finish in the top three, but winning is almost impossible.

On Friday July 1, Hertenstein presented his project entitled “Facil Fajitas Prototypes”. The next day, Hertenstein learned that he was in the Top 10, before being named big winner on Sunday July 3.

“My reaction to finding out I was top three and first overall was a total and utter surprise. I knew my project was good, but with so many other projects I knew my chances were low. Once they read the name of my school, I knew it was me, and a feeling of happiness, pride and surprise washed over me at the same time,” Hertenstein said.

months of preparation

Hertenstein and the other band members spent four months perfecting the small details of the project.

“As a group, we received so much feedback from our teacher/counsellor. Some would go on to help perfect our project, while others were just small changes to our board to make it better,” Hertenstein explained. “One of the best suggestions she (Councillor Alison Hertenstein) made was to find a way to make the whole thing healthy, not just the salt content. That small change caused us as a group to change our rice into cauliflower rice to make it healthier.

New year, new guidelines

Each year, the national FCCLA sets parameters on what the projects should be, Hertenstein explained.

“This year, it was about creating a low-sodium meal kit. The meal had to contain less than 720 mg of sodium per serving. The goal of our project was to create a meal kit that would be easy for busy families to create, while being heart-healthy,” he said.

“My partners and I chose this project because we thought it would be a good experience to learn how to create a healthy meal. It wasn’t just the science behind modifying the recipe that we learned, it was also all the details of pricing items and researching the nutritional value of our meal. The things we learned from this experience are things we can use in our day-to-day lives. It just reassured our decision to choose this project.

Hertenstein and his peers spent hours and hours researching.

“There was so much research to do to complete our project. We had to research the average salt intake, how much we should be consuming, and what too much salt does for us,” he said. “We also researched recipes to find the best one for our project. The more research we did, the better our project became. We figured out what to properly sell our project for the retail price, we figured out how to create a nutrition label, and much more.

A wealth of experience

Hertenstein will enter its third year of FCCLA with the start of the new school year in the fall.

“There are so many things I love about FCCLA, and the main one is the experiences. It prepares anyone involved for life at home and at work. country and even defend the FCCLA in Washington, DC,” Hertenstein said.

“FCCLA is the ultimate leadership experience and I love everything it has done for me. As the current 2022-2023 state chairman, I have been fortunate to see how an organization such as FCCLA also works behind the sciences.

A few hundred students from across the country participated in the national championships in the Food Innovations category.