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Liberal MPs tried to take down a website that shows how they vote

Senator Andrew Bragg and deputy Dave sharma wrote a joint letter denouncing the They Vote For You site as “hyper partisan” and “full of lies”. The website aims to show the public how polls vote in parliament… so bizarre that MPs would dispute that ??

They also attempted to strip the website of charitable information from its charitable status without first speaking to its founders or having an open and frank discussion.

They Vote For You has changed the wording of its site, from “vote strongly against” to “systematically against”, that the founder Matt Landauer said a change was already underway when the complaint letter was written. For me, “consistently against” shows a clearer intention to vote against something than the previous wording. So be careful what you wish for, I guess.

They Vote For You is a website that uses a written account of what’s being said in Parliament to show how MPs vote on specific issues like a carbon tax or view the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine as urgent.

It seems members haven’t figured out that the website isn’t called “They feel for you” and doesn’t represent their deeply held beliefs, which they are speaking or writing books about. Just their votes.

The letter from MPs appears to compare the website to Russian propaganda in the 2016 US election in an episode of hyperbole. It’s not publicly available and they wouldn’t give it to me, but they seem to have shared it with a few selected points of sale.

The letter was also apparently sent to the Australian Commission on Charities and Nonprofits, with the aim of having it deregistered – but the founders say that does not appear to have been a success.

Landauer explained its purpose to me.

“Whether someone has written a book on an issue or made a statement or is publicly known to be for against something actually doesn’t matter how it is presented on the fact that he votes for you. Because all that matters is how they vote. said Landauer.

He said there had been no direct contact from MPs.

This long-standing issue was addressed by They Vote For You with the recent change of language.

In the statement, MPs say the website misrepresents them on issues that they are personally passionate about simply because they did not vote to support them.

They seem to think it’s an impossible standard to be responsible for actually supporting the things they say they are doing.

“Senator Bragg chaired the Libs and Nats for Yes campaign and was a strong advocate for marriage equality. But They Vote for You says he “voted strongly against the rights of indigenous peoples and LGBTI”. He wrote a book supporting Indigenous constitutional recognition, but the website claims he’s opposed to The Voice. »The statement on The spectator complaints.

Senator Braggs’ complete voting profile can be seen here. I invite readers to determine for themselves whether Senator Bragg, who has hardly ever rebelled from the party line, votes faithfully in his personal passions.

One of his big concerns is how his position is presented to Parliament on an Indigenous voice, but the senator only voted against a First Nations voice enshrined in the Constitution in parliament.

Dave Sharma is pretty much the same. As a member of Parliament for Wentworth, climate change is an important topic of discussion for him. But his record of votes that would have a positive impact on climate change is negative.

Importantly, Liberals and Nationals have historically had the highest number of rebel votes in parliament with 96.8% at level crossings versus 3.1% for Labor, so it is not uncommon for members of the coalition vote with passion.

The way Sharma and Bragg are trying to shut down this site makes it seem like they are so embarrassed about their past that they will do whatever it takes to silence any means of holding them to account. And now the website shows that despite everything they claim, they still vote against any action on things they believe in, time and time again.