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LENS Foundation Launches ‘LDExplained’, India’s First Comprehensive Learning Disabilities Resource Website

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LENS Foundation Launches ‘LDExplained’, India’s First Comprehensive Learning Disabilities Resource Website

Posted on February 7, 2022

New Delhi: The LENS (Learning, Empowerment, Nutrition and Skills Development) Foundation has launched LDExplained, India’s first comprehensive resource website on learning disabilities in children and young adults.

According to a UNESCO report, between 10 and 12% of school children have learning disabilities. This basically means that in any given Indian class there are at least four children with learning disabilities. LDExplained is designed for all stakeholders, from the family of the affected child to the policy maker who must work together to help the child cope with learning disabilities. For a parent or guardian of a child with special needs who wants to help him learn to manage his challenges and better face the world; or for an educator looking to improve their skills to help their students learn better, LDExplained is an excellent repository of knowledge and information on various learning disabilities, well-being and mental health management. The website covers adaptation and improvement strategies as well as ways to keep up to date with the latest research and methodologies developed nationally and globally.

Some of the key aspects of LDExplained include categorizing learning disability concepts according to age groups, explaining the processes involved in identifying the different types of learning disabilities, in particular understanding the early signs among children, discussion of the rights of the affected child, political support from school boards and local governments, networks, forums, support groups of parents of affected children, educators and therapists. The website will also have a growing database of learning disabilities medical professionals, counselors, therapists and educators across India and more.

Speaking about the website, Ketki Agarwal, Co-Founder and Trustee of the LENS Foundation, said, “The website has been a labor of love and we are thrilled to finally launch LDExplained. There has been a lot of confusion among parents and families about how to deal with children and young adults with special needs. Only if you have the right amount of knowledge and information can you manage it optimally for everyone involved. »

She further adds, “We encourage everyone to spread the word so that we can help and support individuals and families to not only cope with the challenges, but also to be able to add value to the life of the child. and help prepare them for a positive and strong future.”

The website helps readers understand the concepts of learning disabilities, coping strategies, the role of parents, the contribution of schools, political support, etc. The website is already live, but you will see a lot of improvisation over time. One can subscribe to the newsletter for timely updates on information, relevant news articles on daily topics, etc. There is a blog section which contains reading material, generic articles from around the world on learning disabilities.