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IV Therapy Kansas City Company updates website content

The Nutrition Therapy Center offers products and services to help clients fill nutritional gaps. IV micronutrient therapies are formulated to target nutrient deficiencies and provide exceptional hydration.

Kansas City Intravenous Therapy is pleased to announce that its updated website contains information on dozens of therapies and products. The salon offers ways to improve the health of the customer. This is an advantage for filling nutritional deficiencies and IV micronutrient therapies. IV therapies are specifically formulated to provide exceptional hydration to relieve many transient or seasonal conditions. The company is able to help clients recover from everything from immune challenges to dehydration. They support athletic recovery and many chronic health conditions. These include inflammation, weight gain, and fatigue. The company’s IV Nutritional Therapy is a safe and effective way to achieve optimal health and prevent disease.

IV Micronutrient Therapies include Immunity Infusion, Athletic Recovery Infusion, Exohealth Infusion, Energize Infusion, Antioxidant Boost, Optimal Boost, Metabolic Boost, Amino Boost, Botox – per Just GLO KC. Immunity Infusion helps fight seasonal illnesses. Athletic Recovery Infusion provides the benefits of better sleep, muscle recovery, and metabolism recovery. This infusion is a unique blend of micronutrients and amino acids. Exohealth Infusion is beneficial for hair, nails and skin. Energize Herbal Tea is great for hangovers, as well as anyone who wants more energy. Various boosts include glutathione, lipo-c, B12, L-carnitine and 10/U.

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The company offers a variety of treatments, including facials and skin-firming products. Hydra facials, detoxifying serum, and other healthy products address more conditions that impair health and well-being. Another therapy is non-invasive nose jobs. The main categories of therapy available at the center include hydration, regeneration, detoxification, energy and strengthening.

Mobile services make it easy and convenient for clients to receive therapy at home or in the office. Services can be booked online for clients or over the phone. Customers can also purchase health and beauty related products.

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Kansas City Intravenous Therapy provides mobile and on-site services to improve micronutrient levels. These nutrients are useful for restoration, energy building, detoxification and hydration. Sessions do not require much time and are convenient for clients.

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