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Illume Fertility (formerly RMA of Connecticut) Launches New Website with Improved Patient Experience for Family Planning | News

The Illume Fertility website offers downloadable guides, a library of family building stories and more resources to support patient journeys

NORWALK, Conn., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Illume Fertility, a leading modern fertility practice, announces its new website, the final element of its rebranding of RMA from Connecticut. The Illume Fertility website offers an enhanced patient experience, including downloadable fertility guides, a library of patient testimonials and videos, and other resources to support every fertility patient’s journey. The new name, “Illume Fertility”, reflects the firm’s commitment to providing an exceptional patient experience, quality care and advice, and the expertise of its board-certified physicians to help patients achieve their fertility and family building goals.

“With the launch of a completely new website, a collection of patient stories and other helpful resources, our goal is to help patients navigate the often difficult and confusing world of fertility with advice and clear, actionable insights – straight from real experts,” said Robin Mangieri, CEO of Illume Fertility. “We want fertility patients to feel supported, encouraged and empowered with factual information that can help them make important life-changing decisions.”

The new Illume Fertility website offers a wealth of resources for each patient’s unique journey, including a robust learning center with new articles published weekly, free e-books on topics such as IVF and donor conception, a diverse collection of family building stories and a modernized patient portal that will facilitate access to medical records, treatment plans and care team communication. In addition to its website, a new patient experience team dedicated to advocating for patients in treatment provides 360-degree support. With these unique enhancements, Illume Fertility demonstrates its commitment to continue to evolve and grow with patient needs.

About Illume Fertility

Illume Fertility, formerly RMA of Connecticut, is a leading modern fertility practice with an exceptional patient experience, providing care, advice and expertise to help patients achieve their fertility and family building goals. Led by an award-winning team of eight highly qualified reproductive endocrinologists, many of whom have received Castle Connolly’s prestigious Top Doc award, Illume Fertility specializes in a range of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including intra-artificial insemination. uterine (IUI), in vitro infertilization (IVF), preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and Invocell (IVC). Illume Fertility’s internationally recognized Gay Parents To Be® program specializes in building LGBTQ+ families. For the past six years, Illume Fertility has been recognized as a leader in healthcare equality by the Human Rights Campaign. Illume Fertility is one of the largest fertility clinics and egg donation centers in the region, also offering egg freezing, oncofertility preservation and PCOS management, helping patients from the age of 16 years old. Illume Fertility is the only regional fertility clinic offering on-site holistic patient support services including nutrition counselling, individual and couples psychological counselling, acupuncture and yoga.

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