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As the innovator and world leader in air-dried nutrition, you can count on ZIWI® to provide a safe and convenient alternative to the raw option for dogs and cats worldwide. ZIWI’s air-dried recipes can be served as a complete and balanced meal, a nutritious side dish or even a workout reward. Topping with ZIWI® Peak is a great and affordable way to provide the nutritional boost pets deserve! ZIWI’s versatility allows pet sitters of all walks, as well as dogs and cats of all life stages and breeds, to incorporate cutting-edge nutrition into their diet daily.

A little goes a long way. If pet owners aren’t quite ready to jump into ZIWI as a complete pet food recipe, but want it to go a little further than just a tasty treat, we have the solution. for them. Sprinkle some on a regular raw, freeze-dried or kibble diet and watch them go crazy!

Benefits of Lining Your Pet’s Bowl with ZIWI® Peak

• ZIWI® Peak 96% meat recipes give your pet the meat he instinctively craves.

• Flavor that will drive them crazy—who doesn’t want their pet to love them at every meal? !

• An easy way to add powerful superfoods to every meal—there are up to 40% superfood inclusions in every recipe.

• Contains nutrients equivalent to raw food, all without the mess!

Our recipes and superfood blend are made with all-natural ingredients such as:

Cold-washed green tripe: Natural digestive aid and source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids

New Zealand Green Mussels: Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids plus glucosamine and chondroitin for skin and joints

Organs: With industry-leading inclusions, our recipes use organs to deliver natural, health-boosting nutrients to your pet, the same way they would instinctively want to supplement in nature.

Organic kelp: Natural source of vitamins and minerals

Natural Taurine: Meat-based, for heart health

Omega-3&6: Nutritionally supports long-term joint health and healthy skin and coat!

How much ZIWI® should you add?

All ZIWI® Peak recipes are high in nutrients and calories, which means a little is enough. When used as a mattress topper, we often recommend replacing 25% of your pet’s daily diet with ZIWI, as many veterinarians believe this inclusion rate is when you can begin to see transformational benefits. , such as a softer, shinier coat. The easiest way to determine the proper amount to top your pet’s bowl is to use our Feeding Calculator to do the math for you.

How can I overtake?

ZIWI® Peak is a mild air-dried complete and balanced meal, treat or garnish for all breeds and all life stages. The beauty of our air-dried foods is their simplicity. All you have to do is scoop and serve air-dried ZIWI® Peak on a pet’s daily meals and get ready to see it go!

No matter how guardians incorporate ZIWI into their pet’s diet, we know they’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re delivering optimal, no-compromise nutrition that not only improves health, but delivers the pinnacle of palatability.