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Holistic Health – Fitness Tips Announces Natural Health Website

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Sierra Vista, Arizona July 18, 2022 ( – A new natural health blog features unique, research-tested holistic solutions for the entire health spectrum.

Holistic health and fitness advice using the 8 Pillars of Holistic Health as guidelines to cover all aspects of health and wellness. These principles offer a wide range of virtually all facets of life that combine holistically for complete well-being.

Director David Moody has 40 years of experience in the health field, from fitness training to in-depth nutrition and supplement research. Mr. Moody was a school athlete in several sports and an all-state golfer in Illinois. Multiple back injuries prompted him to turn to fitness and rehabilitation early on in an attempt to restore his mobility. That first rehab sparked his keen interest in all areas of health, from bodybuilding to nutrition.

Over the past few years, Mr. Moody has explored and researched more esoteric aspects of health and wellness with a holistic approach. At nearly 70, he pursued bodybuilding with emerging nutritional protocols that rolled back time. Most people think he is between 40 and 50 years old. He is a walking witness to natural health practices and his passion is now made public through this new website.

Mr Moody says: ‘We have enough propaganda about big pharma and Western medicine, and I think the body, if given holistic health therapies, will survive and thrive best.’

“My mission is to raise awareness and naturally create robust health for all!”

Holistic Health and Fitness Tips is dedicated to anyone interested in an alternative approach to pharmaceutical drugs and therapies. They do not claim to replace Western medicine but to offer alternative solutions.

Articles are published several times a week in one or more of the 8 pillars of health which cover the following: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, nutritional and social. These pillars, as mentioned, are broad but uniquely intertwined in the holistic approach to health.

Another unique feature of the Holistic Health and Fitness Tips site is the health assessment questionnaires. Each pillar has its own assessment quiz that assesses the participant’s historical and current state of knowledge along with applicable videos and articles interspersed in the assessment. The participant receives a free tailor-made analysis of his status with personalized recommendations. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, these assessment questionnaires have been loaded with all possible permutations so that the participant can instantly receive personalized responses directly to their email.

Additional features used review and recommendation reports on the different topics of each pillar. As a self-proclaimed supplement junkie, Mr. Moody has included articles on many well-known and lesser-known supplements, often from a unique angle. It highlights commonly reviewed vitamins and minerals with new research and/or doses that are often overlooked. Some examples are vitamin D, iodine and magnesium where he points out that the variants and doses are insufficient or in bad delivery systems in some cases.

The 8 Pillars philosophy is designed with the belief that all pillars are equally important for holistic health. The financial and environmental pillars seem misplaced; however, they are strategically linked to the complete and holistic picture. Sound fiscal principles along with avoiding toxins in the environmental pillar contribute to everyone’s holistic well-being.

Other mainstay articles cover current political and medical events that can ultimately affect everyone’s health. Reporting on certain topics, despite published research, has resulted in some social media being taken down. Moody doesn’t shy away from controversial conclusions so readers can count on cutting-edge reporting not often found in mainstream media.

Holistic Health and Fitness Tips would seek to create a like-minded community seeking alternative approaches to health and wellness. Mr. Moody is admittedly not a fan of “big pharma” and offers articles pointing out their hypocrisy and tyranny. He seeks to build a community to fight against the loss of personal and medical freedoms in order to restore our natural, God-given bodily autonomy. Its vision is to educate and motivate visitors to reclaim their lives and free themselves from the ever-increasing domination of big tech and coerced medical practices.

The key is to bring critical and often obscured research to audiences, as well as popular topics from a different angle. Mr. Moody has his own opinions and life experiences that are often unconventional, however, with research he likes to offer facts, not conspiracy theories.

Holistic health and fitness advice may not be for everyone, but they want open-minded visitors to browse the articles and information from a different perspective.

In addition to this holistic approach to health, they offer health product reviews and recommendations on digital and physical goods. Topics include the best exercise bikes to the most comprehensive magnesium supplements along with dozens of other topics. Already a favorite are survival foods, supplements, and other DIY ideas that save money and can also be a fun pastime. With possible food shortages and supply chain disruptions on the horizon, Holistic Health and Fitness Tips is well-researched and offers the most up-to-date news.

In addition to the wealth of articles already on the site, there is a growing library of complementary videos on several article topics. The videos are created from the written transcriptions so that the visitor can listen to the article if they wish.

This is Holistic Health and Fitness Tips which hopes to educate and inform everyone, young and old, about how to live a natural, holistic lifestyle. As an independently owned and operated entity, Mr. Moody reports that they see no commercial enterprise allowing journalistic freedom.

Check out holistic health and fitness tips today and see how they could benefit you!