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PetAlive ( over 50 herbal supplements and homeopathic medicines treat common illnesses that pets may experience during their lifetime. All remedies are specially formulated to support the holistic health and wellness of a pet with quality, safety and effectiveness. Some examples include PetCalm for anxious pets, Immunity & Liver Support which helps boost immune system function, and its AmazaPet for symptoms of asthma and chest discomfort in pets.

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Delicious combs (petsbestlife.comIngenious Flossing dog treats contain 44% protein, all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and 12 specific ingredients to promote well-being. The treat is complete and balanced and the ingredients work together to support digestion, healthy skin and coat, cognitive function, dental health, heart health and joint health. Yummy Combs also includes an ingredient called Slick ‘M which helps dissolve the treat faster. All-natural treats are non-GMO, gluten-free, and grain-free.

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H&C Animal Health ( Angels’ Eyes Ocu-GLO Vision Supplement contains a blend of natural antioxidants that work together to support dog eye health. The three essential ingredients are lutein, grape seed extract, and omega-3 fatty acids. These ingredients are combined in the vision supplement with other antioxidants and contribute to the eye health of dogs. Angels’ Eyes Ocu-GLO Vision supplement is developed by veterinarians and carries the NASC seal of quality.

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Guardian Pet Food ( Dog Almighty “Mobility” is a blend of peptides from collagen, turmeric, L-carnitine, vitamins and minerals that can help maintain and improve bone and joint health. Dog Almighty “Calm” is a blend of chamomile, thiamine, ginger, and tryptophan which can help maintain calm and promote balanced behavior. Both formulations are available in three flavors: beef and mushroom, chicken and turkey. Plus, as part of Guardian’s commitment to a better planet, Dog Almighty packaging is 100% recyclable.

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NOBL ( canine food bars are ready to travel, individually wrapped 2 oz. bars, with 20 oz. Packs of 10, available in Turkey & Duck, Beef & Chicken and Vegan formulas. NOBL also offers NOBL Himalayan cheese treats. Himalayan Cheese Treats are long-lasting canine dental chews made from real mint. Handcrafted in the Himalayas, they are rich in natural protein, calcium and omega 3. They are available in two sizes, for small and large dogs.

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Tomlyn’s ( Loose Stool Remedy – Firm Fast, supports dogs and cats with loose stools. It contains ingredients that help absorb water from loose stools and soothe the intestinal lining. In addition, it contains a probiotic which helps move harmful bacteria and supports the body’s immune defenses. The product can be used after a loose stool is observed or before an incentive event, such as travel or boarding, and is available as a chicken flavored gel or beef flavored tablet.

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Uckele ( is working with retailers to develop something new, or to help refine and improve their current formulas. The company will sometimes refine a client’s already excellent formula with effective revisions to create an even better formula. To learn more about contract manufacturing with Uckele, email [email protected]

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NOW Animals ( Cardiovascular Support Powder for Dogs and Cats is designed to support normal circulation and cardiovascular function. Cardiovascular Support is comprised of Carnitine, Taurine, Hawthorn Leaf / Flower Extract, CoQ10, Organic Dandelion Root, Vitamin E, and Magnesium to support a healthy cardiovascular system in dogs and cats. For added flavor, NOW Pets has added Chicken Bone Broth, sourced from the USA, which is grown without hormones and steroids.

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Dog boss ( Boss BOSS PATTIES and BOSS NUGGS Raw Frozen Dog Food is infused with probiotics. The company’s raw food products form the basis of a diet that looks like nature’s. BOSS NUGGS and BOSS PATTIES offer a complete, balanced recipe and are formulated to provide essential nutrition for pets.

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Annamaet ( Enhance, a vitamin and mineral supplement, is designed for both raw and home prepared feeders. It helps balance a dog’s unique diet, providing essential nutrients to help prevent the most common deficiencies. The formula is supported and formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and provides the necessary amounts of calcium, sodium, zinc, copper, choline, vitamin D and vitamin E, as well as the B vitamins that dogs need, the all in highly absorbable forms to ensure dogs stay healthy.

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Ark Naturals’ ( original brushless toothpaste dental sealants help reduce plaque and tartar; its new Protection + Brushless Toothpaste dental sealants prevent plaque and tartar from coming back. The formula is based on a biological defense using nature’s most powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin. Protection + dental chews also contain an active ingredient toothpaste center as well as natural breath fresheners.

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Life Line Pet Nutrition ( The range of fish oil products meet the specific nutritional needs of each animal. The supplements contain human grade nutritional ingredients captured from nature to provide pets with optimal daily amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. All of Life Line Pet Nutrition’s Wild Fish Oil products provide brain, eye, heart, skin, and coat health benefits for pets.

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Treaties ( Extra Strength Hard Kibble provides extra support and is suitable for dogs of any size suffering from separation, general or situational anxiety, people with mobility issues or age-related discomfort. Sweet potato flavored chewing gum contains a combination of 10 mg. full spectrum organic hemp CBD extract by chewing, along with turmeric to help promote a strong immune system, healthy joints, flexibility, and the body’s normal inflammatory response.

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TropiClean (tropiclean.comFresh Breath Hip & Joint Dental Sticks have T-shaped ridges that reach all surfaces of the dog’s teeth, simulating brushing with each bite to help safely and effectively remove plaque and tartar and freshen up the tooth. dog’s breath. Easy-to-digest, gluten-free, grain-free dog dental sticks are infused with a blend of ingredients proven to safely remove plaque and tartar buildup. Use with TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel and Tooth Health Solution for maximum protection and even fresher cleansing.

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Mark of the King of Pets ( ZYMOX Ear & Skin Products have solved ear infections, hot spots, wounds, allergic itchy skin, dermatitis and ringworm for over twenty years with the power of enzymes. Easy-to-use, non-drug, vet-recommended wellness solutions for the pet health issues vets see the most. Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-yeast efficacy without antibiotics or harsh ingredients.

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Pet’s Suitical ( Recovery Double Sleeves is a professional alternative to electronic collar and / or bandage. Sleeves protect dogs and their environment at all times, such as during recovery or after medical intervention. It also contains an adjustable closure and a soft stretch band. The closure and band provide comfortable pressure around the chest which can have a calming effect on dogs. The sleeves contain a soft protective layer for extra comfort at the elbows.

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Veterinary ( ALL-IN is a dog supplement that combines essential vitamins, minerals, omega and prebiotics with advanced absorption technology. ALL-IN is available in three life stage formulas: Puppy Essentials, Adult Complete and Senior Mobility +. Each formula contains a specialized blend of bioactive ingredients to support bone and joint, digestive, cellular, mental, cardiovascular and immune health.