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‘Healthy Archuleta’ website resources available in Spanish

As part of an ongoing effort, Healthy Archuleta continues to seek strategies to deepen our engagement in the Archuleta County community. One strategy we have in place includes the ability to translate Healthy Archuleta web page content into Spanish. At the bottom of each web page of the website, it is possible to select English or Spanish for the written content of the web page. Members of the Spanish-speaking community are encouraged to browse the website and access information regarding the programs and services offered by Healthy Archuleta.

A major effort of the organization currently includes conducting a Nutrition Security and Health Equity Assessment for the county that honors the diversity of the community. Raising awareness and engaging community members whose primary language is Spanish is key to understanding the full extent of health issues and opportunities in Archuleta and this approach aims to help overcome language barriers that can prevent the participation.

The organization aims to go beyond simply addressing barriers to participation by empowering all residents, including members of the Spanish-speaking community, to have their voices heard and take advantage of leadership opportunities that address the nutritional security and health equity in neighborhoods in Archuleta County. To support this goal, Healthy Archuleta continues to invite members of the Spanish-speaking community to engage in the Coalition’s work through their heart language and support learning that promotes equity, diversity and l ‘inclusion.

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Rose Chavez

Rose Chavez is a public health consultant with Archuleta Food System/Food Equity Coalition.