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Halo Pet Food Website Claims – The Truth About Pet Food

Halo Pet Food recently introduced a new pet food, Halo Elevate. the Press release the ad read “We created Halo Elevate to boldly deliver best-in-class nutrition for pet parents. Our recipes are simple and transparent, proudly displayed on the front of our packaging and directly address the top five pet health concerns..”

The Halo Elevate website makes several claims for which we have requested explanation. Below are pictures of the Healthy Grain Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food website pages:

We asked Halo for an explanation of what “Freeze-dried raw coated» croquettes is.

They replied: “We use freeze-dried coated chicken and salmon on our Elevate dry foods and use HPP (high pressure pasteurization).”

This answer didn’t really make sense. We assumed they meant the croquettes themselves were coated in freeze-dried chicken and salmon, but wanted to know how that coating was applied.

We asked this follow-up question: “Regarding the coating, am I correct in saying that the coating is sprayed on after the kibble is made?

Halo did not answer the follow-up question.

Another claim from the Halo Elevate pet food website is in the image below. Our question to Halo was about their “Full traceability of ingredients” complaint.

We asked Halo: “Your website indicates full traceability of ingredients. Can you provide a link to this information?

Halo provided this response: “On each of our Elevate dry food product pages, you can click on “Every ingredient and nothing to hide” and we list the purpose of use of each ingredient and the source locations for those respective ingredients. Here is an example product: and a screenshot that shows every ingredient and nothing to hide:”

The information they provided (including the image above) is not quite “full ingredient traceability”. Halo provides sourcing information, NOT country of origin information. And there is a big difference between the two.

The country of origin is the origin of the ingredient. The country of supply may be the location of the ingredient supplier. For example: ABC Pet Food Ingredients is an ingredient supplier located in Florida. ABC Pet Food Ingredients imports chicken meal from China, which it sells to US pet food manufacturers. Any pet food manufacturer purchasing from ABC Pet Food Ingredients could honestly claim that an ingredient is from the United States, even if the country of origin is actually China. The question remains however, is to source information”full traceability“?

We sent the following to Halo as a follow-up: “And with your ingredient tracing – “US sourced” ingredients are very different from the country of origin. Ingredient origin is not fully traceable as your website claims. Any pet food can be sourced from a US supplier, when the ingredients are sourced from outside the United States. Will Halo fix their website by removing the full traceability claim?

Halo did not answer the follow-up question.

And the Halo site claims “best ingredients in the worldguaranteed“.

We asked Halo: “Your website for the same products also says “World’s Best Ingredients.” Guaranteed.” Can you explain how this decision was made?

Halo replied: “We source premium quality ingredients that provide guaranteed nutrients to the dog.”

For us, this answer was very different from the claim. Their claim is “the best ingredients in the world – guaranteed”, but their answer was guaranteed nutrients. So we sent the following question to Halo as a follow-up: “With your response to the website’s claim “The World’s Best Ingredients.” Guaranteed.” – your explanation is very different from your website’s explanation. You explained “We source premium ingredients that provide guaranteed nutrients to the dog.” But your website’s claim is “the finest ingredients in the world – guaranteed”. Those are two different things. Again, can you provide information on how it was determined that the dog food is guaranteed to include the best ingredients in the world?

Halo also did not answer this follow-up question.

The FDA or national pet food authorities do not hold pet food companies responsible for their website claims. Unfortunately, pet food manufacturers are free to claim almost anything on their websites – without bothering to stop them or verify their claims.

Pet food consumers deserve to understand what all claims made on a pet food website mean. We will continue to ask Halo for more information and ask other manufacturers to explain their claims. When responses are received (or when our questions are ignored), this information will be provided to pet owners.

I wish you and your pet the best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Truth in Pet Food Association

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