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Grain Foods Foundation launches new website

the Grain Food Foundation (GFF) recently launched its newly updated website, making it easier than ever for consumers to access science-based, grain-related nutrition resources. The new website positions the GFF as a trusted advocate for cereals and cereal-based products, from fortified cereals to whole grains. The website is part of a renewed focus on the GFF’s core mission of being an educational resource on the nutritional benefits of grain foods for nutrition influencers, nutrition communications, media and consumers.

In addition to the latest nutrition research and GFF news, new features added include:

  • A robust database of recipes with the dietitian seal of approval. These are recipes that will not only show how to easily incorporate grains into a healthy, balanced diet, but will also satisfy even the most picky eaters.
  • A blog titled “Grain Deep Dive”, featuring tips and talks, quick grain nutrition information, frequently asked questions about grain foods and heart health, weight management, regularity, gluten-free diets and healthy aging.

“As GFF continues to thrive as a leader in the grain-based food conversation, it was only fitting to have a new website that highlights all the great work we’ve done to help to improve the nutrient density of the American diet through the inclusion of grains,” said Erin Ball, Acting Executive Director of the GFF. “We hope these updates will magnify the voice of the GFF as a valuable resource for consumers and key players in the world of nutrition.”

For more information about the Foundation, research findings, and the role of grain foods in a healthy diet, visit