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NAPLES, Fla., July 20. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fountain Life, a preventative medicine company committed to transforming global healthcare from reactive to proactive, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Invited, formerly ClubCorp. Fountain Life will act as the company’s official preventative healthcare provider.

Live better, longer

Fountain Life is committed to helping people live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives by deploying innovative data-driven technologies. These cutting-edge health advancements improve performance and help diagnose diseases in their early stages before they can cause damage. Fountain Life members receive annual precision diagnostic tests, including executive blood panels, full-body and brain MRI, CCTA heart scan, and other assessments such as a blood test that can detect more of 50 cancers from stage 0 to 1. “Detecting disease early before it progresses results in extraordinarily high survival rates,” says Dr. Bill Kapp, CEO of Fountain Life. “Our team of scientists and physicians research continually bringing the world’s most innovative preventative health technologies to improve the health, performance and longevity of our members, enabling them to live their lives at their personal peak.”

The partnership was officially announced on April 20 at the ClubCorp Classic event, PGA Tour Champions. “Helping our members improve their health and performance is one of the most vital services we can offer,” said David Pillsbury, CEO of Invited. “Fountain Life’s promise to provide preventative, predictive and personalized medicine empowers each of our members to become the CEO of their health.” Guest members will have exclusive access to Fountain Life education and services tailored to their individual needs.

Optimal life

The Fountain Life and Invited partnership supports optimal living through an intersection of medicine with nutrition and exercise. Fountain Life offers the latest advances in biotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform today’s healthcare system into one that is proactive and focused on finding diseases in their earliest stages and then prescribing treatment plans to resolve any problem before it becomes a serious problem. Guest, a fitness, food and lifestyle leader perfectly complements this healthcare strategy. Together they work to increase both health and lifespan, ensuring members live long and healthy lives, performing at peak levels at every stage.

This collaboration provides guest members with the very best in preventative health care, nutrition and exercise. Invited members will have access to Fountain Life Clinics for their annual precision diagnostic tests and a range of a la carte services to improve longevity and performance. Each Fountain Life member is assigned a healthcare coordinator to answer questions, assist with booking and ensure that every touch point is a white glove experience. This healthcare coordinator also serves as a knowledgeable liaison to guide them through physician recommendations and ensure everything is understood, providing assistance and guidance when needed.

Fountain Life also offers a Fountain OS digital platform, which puts the power of biotechnology in the hands of users. Guest members can choose to track their healthcare journey with the OS app, allowing personalized access and health information at their fingertips.

“Everything we do is focused on longevity and ensuring that our members live with optimal health and performance at every stage of life,” says Dr. Kapp. “Being able to partner with a leader in lifestyle, exercise and nutrition strengthens this initiative.”

About Fountain Life

Fountain Life brings together the world’s most renowned scientists and physicians to improve longevity and performance – putting health back into healthcare. To do this, Fountain Life uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to collect data and gain insights into the human body that has never been possible before. Fountain Life’s data-driven approach enables early detection of diseases such as cancer, heart, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases before they can cause damage. As a result, Fountain Life members function at peak performance throughout their lives, with the goal of feeling as healthy and vibrant at age 100 as they did at age 60. To learn more, visit


Since its founding in 1957, Dallas-based Invited has operated with the central goal of Building Relationships and Enriching Lives®. North America’s leading owner-operator of private golf clubs and country clubs, city clubs and stadiums, Invited strives tirelessly to deliver extraordinary experiences, meaningful connections, shared passions and memorable moments to its more than 430,000 members. With approximately 20,000 peak season employees and a portfolio of more than 200 golf and country clubs, town clubs, sports clubs and stadium clubs owned or operated in 27 states, and six BigShots Golf locations. Invited creates communities and lifestyle through its championship golf courses, workspaces, artisanal cuisine, resort-style pools, tennis and pickleball facilities, golf lounges, fitness centers fit and its robust programming. Learn more at

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