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Every company has a social responsibility: –

CSS Founder has provided free meals to people in need in over 100,000 community sites across India. These resources help them develop a sense of belonging and social skills beneficial to their growth. CSS believes that giving back to society makes us all better off and strengthens our democracy.

Our mission is to promote self-confidence and life skills, nutrition and physical activity through educational programs. About 100,000 community sites across India benefit from our resources, including weekend nutrition classes for low-income women, teens and seniors, and healthy recipe guides. Our services help participants develop a sense of belonging, develop social skills, get involved in their communities, feel good about themselves and be healthier.

Where are we located?

Our offices are located in Bangalore, Chennai, Sydney, Melbourne, Washington DC, New York, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Pune, Dubai and Andheri (Mumbai), India. We offer quality services that make the difference.

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