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Evidence-Based Healthcare Solutions Provider Viver Health Launches New Website


Our goal is to bring evidence-based education to as many people as possible. Vicki Barghout CEO and founder of Viver Health

Viver Health is thrilled to announce the redesign and launch of its new website, to help move business forward and transform lives.

The new website was designed and developed by the specialist health and wellness agency Trajectory. It features updated content, a modernized design, and simplified navigation – and streamlines the user experience and highlights Viver’s evidence-based chronic disease solutions faster. The new website showcases both turnkey and customized solutions that appeal to its range of global clients in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industries, healthcare organizations and employer groups.

Viver Health CEO and Founder Vicki Barghout has led this unique evidence-based health content business based on its mission to educate and impact everyday people who face chronic disease with easy-to-understand, evidence-based health and wellness guides and other personalized solutions. Ms. Barghout says that “our goal is to disseminate evidence-based education to as many people as humanly possible”.

Vicki goes on to say that “the new website represents an important evolution in our nearly 10 year journey with Viver Health. Thinking back to my own healthcare background – from former roles at Novartis and Bayer, to being diagnosed with breast cancer the day before our second daughter was born, and then launching Viver Health – I couldn’t be more proud of our contribution to transforming lives for patients and employees through collaboration with our customers and global partners.

The guides are tailored to chronic conditions, and many of them are endorsed by leading trusted organizations, including the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN +). Viver Health guides are also based on the latest scientifically substantiated and peer reviewed research and tested / verified with healthcare professionals and patients using rigorous interviews and surveys to ensure effectiveness. Viver Health’s exemplary global clients and partners include Bristol Myers Squibb, Lilly, Athenex, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Ascension, Atlantic Health System, Kaiser Permanente, MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, among others.

Jodi Hutchinson, Executive Director of Science and Wellness at Viver Health, explains: “Viver understands the impact of evidence-based education on health and wellness, and applies best practices from lifestyle medicine, complete nutrition and body-mind therapy. to tackle the root cause of chronic disease for better results.

About Viver Santé

Viver Health delivers success with evidence-based solutions. The company works closely with clients in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology and healthcare industry to foster engagement of healthcare professionals and increase disease awareness to improve patient compliance with drug and treatment programs. processing. Viver also works with employers nationwide to improve the health and well-being of employees, promoting productivity in the workplace. Find out today how you can benefit from viver solutions. Media contact: Jesper Goransson, Viver Health, 646-220-3586, [email protected]

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