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Kroger – Else Baby Cereal

VANCOUVER — ELSE NUTRITION HOLDINGS INC., a plant-based nutrition company for babies, toddlers and children, announces that it has received official approval to list its plant-based cereals on . The products are expected to launch by June and expand the brand’s offering on the platform and complement the Else Toddler & Kids Nutrition products already available. Else Super Cereals will also be available soon after on, owned by Kroger, a leader in healthy/organic food e-commerce.

“The launch of Else Super Cereals on Kroger’s is an important development for the company, further expanding the reach of this product line, marking our initial entry into the key infant nutrition segment,” said Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO and co-founder of Else Nutrition. . “Kroger is a grocery leader, and we’re thrilled that millions of people are looking for healthy, safe, Clean Label-certified food for their babies, especially at a time when concerns about heavy metals in baby food are and continue to be a major concern.”

Else Super Cereal is a baby cereal (in the US) that received the Clean Label Project Purity Award, which would test products for over 400 impurities, heavy metals and toxins like arsenic and lead cadmium, and others.