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Drools Ropes to Ananya Panday as Brand Ambassador to Create Pet Nutrition Awareness

Drools, one of India’s leading pet food brands, has announced Ananya Panday as its brand ambassador to amplify its vision for pet nutrition.

Ananya is a proud mom of two adorable four-legged children and is very food conscious. Her consideration for pets and her attention to what goes into their diet makes her the perfect fit for the Drool brand ambassador.

Drools began its journey as the second largest brand by volume and has proudly worked its way to becoming the second largest by value and popularity among pet parents and the largest by volume in the cat food category.

Drools, as the leading pet food and care brand in the market, understands how four-legged babies have grown from just a pet to an important part of families and the most pampered members of the House. Packing abundant nutrition and proper nutrients into its extensive pet portfolio food and supplements, it aims to reach more pet parents and improve the quality lives of their fur babies.

Encouraging canine and feline care in India, the brand has worked diligently to create a healthier space for pets to thrive in and continues to manufacture healthy diet packs to make a difference. Drool’s recent collaboration with Ananya Panday will focus on initiating a dialogue around the same and sparking the emotion of affection for furry children among the people of India.

Shashank Sinha, National Sales Manager at Drools, said, “Drools has always been proud to promote healthier lifestyles and eating habits for pets through its wide range of products that support healthy skin. and coat, strengthen the immune and digestive system and general well-being. We are thrilled to partner with Ananya Panday, a Bollywood star, model, and most importantly, a pet mom herself. As a famous childhood icon, we think she is perfect to promote our vision and catch the attention of next generation pet lovers. Designed to be embraced by the love of our customers, we look forward to that allegiance.

As most brands offer dog food in the most common form. They offer common puppy foods for puppies of all breeds and the same goes for adults. Nowadays, the variations in the pet nutrition segment (varies from breed to breed) are less.

However, in the case of Drools, they have other things in mind for the future. Speaking about the brand’s category expansion, Sinha shared, “Soon we will be offering our breed-specific diets for dogs. People can choose from various options for their pets. We do not use any preservatives, food colorings, by-products, etc. it’s all about our companion’s health and nutrition, so we keep it clean. Our pet foods are subject to various quality controls to ensure the safety and health of our pets.

Drools, a premium name in pet nutrition and care, is known for its quality pet food composition; it uses only clean, real ingredients in its products and has proven to be the absolute best in the industry over the past decade. With essential minerals, vitamins and oils contained in all of its products, the brand has also introduced a veterinary range and multiple treats for pets. With Drools footprint spread across the globe including countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives, Mauritius, Oman, Nigeria, UAE United and Tanzania, the brand is having a positive impact on the world and creating a happier place. so that felines and dogs can flourish healthily.