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DoFasting launches new website and showcases promising solution for sustainable diets

Leading intermittent fasting and fitness brand DoFasting is thrilled to announce the launch of their new website: The new and improved experience offers a more user-friendly interface, engaging content, and brings all DoFasting products together under one roof, providing accessible weight loss solutions for those burned by traditional diets.

Aims to promote sustainable weight loss

The site now offers the 3 DoFasting product lines: the DoFasting app, the DoFasting supplements and the DoFasting smart scale. The new streamlined design allows for effortless website navigation and allows customers to shop worry-free. DoFasting also welcomes all fasting newbies to its revamped blog – regularly updated with the latest fasting and health articles written by fitness experts.

According to the DoFasting team, all of the brand’s products – including the newly launched website – have been developed with the goal of promoting sustainable, accessible and affordable weight loss solutions for those who need them most.

“I think people are tired of popular fad diets and realize they don’t work,” says Kristina Žalnieraitė, DoFasting’s chief nutritionist. “Our goal was to create something that would not be a short-term diet product, but rather a set of tools that help educate our customers on the lifestyle changes needed to achieve their goals and provide advice where they are needed.”

Why Intermittent Fasting?

DoFasting was created around the concept of intermittent fasting – a lifestyle that empowers people to lose weight and lead healthier lives. With intermittent fasting, eating is confined to a set time frame. The remaining hours are considered the fasting phase, which allows the body to burn calories from stored fat rather than the last meal.

The DoFasting team believe that intermittent fasting, combined with a healthy diet, moderate exercise, appropriate supplements, and thorough progress tracking, could be the missing piece that many people look for when other weight-loss efforts of weight fail.

By pursuing this goal, the company has acquired more than 200,000 loyal customers worldwide in the past two years. According to K. Žalnieraitė, some have reported losing up to 80 pounds in a single year using DoFasting products.

“Intermittent fasting has so many health benefits besides weight loss, and that’s why I love it so much. It’s a lifestyle you can maintain for the rest of your life,” explains the nutritionist.

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About fasting

Founded in 2018, DoFasting is one of the world’s leading health and fitness apps, offering an accessible weight loss solution based on the principle of intermittent fasting. In recent years, DoFasting has also launched a line of weight loss supplements and a free smart scale.

Through extensive research, in-house nutritionists, personal trainers and other health experts, DoFasting strives to develop products for people struggling with weight loss, diet and exercise or simply to improve their overall health. The app offers ongoing support, education and advice on intermittent fasting, nutrition and training.

In 2020, DoFasting was named the #1 app in the “Health & Fitness” category on the App Store. Currently, DoFasting has 230,000 active users worldwide.

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