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Does every El Pasoan have rain boots? This website says “yes”

The stereotypes of El Paso are a real thing. Some are pretty good and some not so good. Today’s list of articles is from a website called You remember this site, don’t you? This is the one where they listed the “best neighborhoods in El Paso,” but it’s clear whoever wrote it had never been to El Paso.

Today, they bring us “9 stereotypes of El Paso that are completely correct”. Included in the stereotypes is something about rain boots, and I don’t know why this is the one that stuck with me! The nine stereotypes are:

1. El Paso residents know how to throw the pickaxe

2. Everyone in El Paso also lives in Mexico

3. But they’re all old-fashioned cowboys at heart

4. Everyone in El Paso has a pair of rain boots

5. They are a rare breed

6. They always have a reason to drink this

7. They totally believe in ghosts

8. They’re ready to correct you on their city before you even open your mouth

9. So don’t mess with these Texans.

Number nine feels like they didn’t even bother to try it out, so it really should be “8 El Paso Stereotypes That Are Completely True.” You can see the list and full rationale for each here.

Aside from the fact that they’re not at all real, I’m going to let them slip. The one that marked me was number four – “Everyone in El Paso has a pair of rain boots.”

Now I have seen rain boots, I know they exist – however, I have never owned a pair of rain boots! Do everyone in El Paso really own a pair? Am I the only one left out? With the abundance of rain lately, I may need to invest in a pair.

Anyway, what do you all think of this list of stereotypes? Yes, really doesn’t know El Paso well.

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