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Design a Better Website with 72% Off SitePoint Developer Library

A well-designed website can improve the lives of everyone who uses it and protect ourselves, our children, and even our pets from hackers. Still, staying on top of the ever-changing world of web development can be a second job in itself. SitePoint Web Development Hub Premium Membership helps experts stay on track, while making it easier for new developers to catch up. It’s on sale for just $ 59.99 (reg. $ 216).

Everything you need

SitePoint was started in 1999 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz, 2 web developers who found themselves frustrated with the diffuse nature of web development training. Rather than waiting for the books to print or learning from the fledgling web development blogs, they’ve put all the necessary web development information together in one place for anyone to use.

Over 20 years later, SitePoint publishes books, stores the work of other respected publishers like Wiley and SixtyNorth in their library, hosts lectures and training videos, and offers comprehensive web development courses for those new to them. concepts and those seeking to perfect themselves. look alike.

Where you need it

A premium access subscription gives you full access to the library, presented in an easy-to-read format no matter what device you use. There’s no need for an e-reader or tablet, and nothing to download, so all you need is a browser to get started. This includes access to all up-to-date educational texts published by SitePoint, as well as texts from its partners.

In addition, you benefit from an organized library of technical lectures and video courses, selected by experienced SitePoint staff for their educational content and ability to interact with students. The library is updated weekly with new content, so there is always more to learn.

Get a SitePoint Web Development Hub Premium Membership for $ 59.99 (reg. $ 216).

Prices subject to change.

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