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COVID-19 Food Aid – Official Site of the Government of Arlington County in Virginia


If you need help getting food, call 703-228-1300.

Food assistance places

New map: food assistance locations

Pantry locations and free meal withdrawals

Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)

Person receiving a bag of goods at a counter

Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)

Free weekly groceries for residents in need

APS meal services

Row of school lunches

APS meal services

ALL children aged 18 and under will continue to receive free meals at all sites, no student ID required.


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Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program

Financial assistance for people to buy food

Additional resource

Food aid programs

  • Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)
  • Capital Region Food Bank Community and Mobile Markets (flyer)
  • Supplementary Food Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly known as Food Stamps
  • Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
  • Meals on wheels
  • Social café 60
  • Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
  • APS meal services
  • Free and discounted meals app APS


Additional resources

  • Pantry open to all – June update
  • Covid-19 assistance flyer in 6 languages
  • Resources for new parents and babies
  • No Kid Hungry: Text “FOOD” or “COMIDA” to 877-877
  • SNAP Calculator
  • Arlington Farmers Markets
  • Family Nutrition Program in Virginia
  • P-EBT Information
  • Food Security Working Group
  • AWLA pet pantry

In the news

  • Launch of the food security working group (April 2021)
  • Free school meals for all until September 30, 2021 (March 2021)
  • SNAP increases the decree (January 2021)

PSA: Food, accommodation and financial assistance

Are you having trouble paying your rent or utilities or making ends meet? Do you need help getting food for yourself and your family? Arlington County can help.

Tiene dificultades actualmente para pagar su alquiler or sus gastos, or para hacer that the dinero is delegated at the end of my? Necesita asistencia para obtener alimentos para usted y su familia? If you are a resident of Arlington, estamos aquí para ayudarle!

а түрээс юмуу хэрэглээний төлбөр эсвэл төлбөрийн эцсийн хугацаанд төлөлт хийх хэцүү цаг еийг туулж байна уу? а өөртөө болон гэр бүлдээ авах хоол хүнсний тусламж авах рэгтэй байна уу? рвээ та Арлингтоны оршин суугч бол бид эндээс танд туслах болно!

ወይም እያጋጠመዎት ነው? እርዳታ ይፈልጋሉ? ነዋሪ ከሆኑ ልናግዝዎት አለን!

ل تواجه مشكلة الإيجار الفواتير؟ ل تحتاج لى مساعدة الحصول على الطعام لك ولعائلتك؟ اطعة أرلينغتون أن تساعدك

COVID-19 Video Updates


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