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Coral Olazagasti, MD is an Assistant Professor at the Sylvester Cancer Center at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida. Dr. Olazagasti received her medical degree from the Universidad Central del Caribe de Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She then moved to New York to pursue a residency in internal medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. After completing her medical residency, Dr. Coral Olazagasti worked as an academic hospitalist for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA before training in hematology-oncology at Northwell Health in New York. She recently obtained a fellowship in September 2021 and will begin her professorship at the Sylvester Cancer Center focusing on malignant tumors of the head, neck and thorax in November 2021.

From the first days of his residency training, Dr Olazagasti developed an interest in lung cancer screening while noting that the majority of new referrals during an optional internship in outpatient oncology presented advanced stages of lung cancer. . This led her to create a quality improvement project to assess screening uptake and a pilot study to compare screening trends before and after delivery of an educational program. She has seen impressive improvement in the use of low-dose CT scans after a targeted educational intervention on physicians. Since then, she has continued to develop her work during the fellowship around this topic by creating an observational study to assess the use of lung cancer screening in lung cancer patients and found screening trends under- optimal in high-risk patients prior to their cancer diagnosis. The results of all these projects have been presented at national and international conferences over the years.

In addition to lung cancer screening, Dr. Olazagasti is passionate about ethnic and racial disparities in the medical field. As a Latin American physician, she has been personally involved in this area and drew on her own experiences to highlight the inequalities and barriers that racial and ethnic minority patients face in the area of ​​care. health. She has published numerous manuscripts in reputable journals, for example, “Cancer Care for All? Tales of Caring for Undocumented Patients with Cancer ”which was published in The oncologist and led to a feature highlighted in ASCO post. Recently, along with other colleagues of Dana Farber, Dr Olazagasti received the AAMC 2020 Health Equity Research Award which aims to understand and compare the experience of Latinx patients within the healthcare system in the United States before and after. the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Finally, Dr. Olazagasti has developed projects to integrate her two passions in lung cancer screening and disparities which have also led to work presented at national and international conferences. Her poster “One Size Does Not Fit All: Assessing Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening Eligibility Among Hispanics / Latin Americans and African Americans” awarded her an ASCO 2021 Merit Award. published editorials such as the editorial “Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening Rates Among the Hispanic / Latin Population” published in Management of lung cancer. Dr. Olazagasti hopes to continue to broaden her passions for research and help close the gap for minorities and vulnerable populations.