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Clarkston physiotherapy program appearing on updated website

VIP Fitness offers a variety of programs designed to improve mobility, health and well-being. The website has been updated to define and invite participation in weight loss, physiotherapy and more.

VIP Fitness & Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the launch of its updated website. Programs include a 6 week challenge, figure camp and physiotherapy. VIP Fitness co-founder Dr. Michael Sartorius has helped transform the lives of many people, physically and mentally. He is dedicated to helping customers unlock their untapped potential. The Clarkston Physiotherapy the staff is ready to help the diverse clientele exercise harder and longer without injury. The physician brings their understanding of how the body moves for injury prevention and performance training to personnel.

For clients who have injuries, the team is able to help them work around the injury. An injury is often the reason people stop exercising or end their weight loss plan. Athletes stop training due to injuries. Dr. Michael Sartorius’ goal is to educate and demonstrate how clients can stay fit and continue to lose weight despite injury. A few simple modifications can be implemented to continue the exercise regimen.

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The 6 Week Challenge is a long-standing weight loss program that offers balanced exercise and long-term diet training. The challenge shows participants how to lose weight and how to keep it off. The challenge includes nutritional guidance, boot camp style workouts, support and accountability. Each participant attends a nutrition seminar to discuss their personalized meal plan and understand the crucial role of nutrition in the program.

The challenge includes unlimited workouts and boot camp-style classes focused on high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The 50-minute classes start with warm-ups and end with stretching. Certified and experienced trainers demonstrate each exercise and apply any necessary modifications. The competition is only with yourself. The calorie burn rate for a single class is as high as six to eight hundred.

About the company:

VIP Fitness & Physical Therapy has updated its classes and website to improve understanding of its various programs and classes. Trainers have extensive experience and training to help clients get the most out of each course.

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