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Can certain foods help fight chronic diseases? –

Researchers at the University of Manitoba are involved in conducting human clinical trials with dietary interventions.

Dylan MacKay is assistant professor of nutrition and chronic disease at the Richardson Center for Food Technology and Research.

“Some of the work we have going on right now is in chronic kidney disease and there’s a big trial that’s just started that we’re looking at fruits and vegetables as a source of dietary bicarbonate. Essentially changing the amount of acid in diet to see if it helps people with chronic kidney disease, because their kidneys, as function declines, they have a harder time balancing acid and base in their diets and so for this trial , we’re delivering fruits and vegetables to people, basically grocery delivery, to see if it can treat their condition.”

Another study examines potato resistant starch in chronic kidney disease.

MacKay commented on another lawsuit.

“We hope to consider moving to trials of dietary, low-energy, low-carb interventions for type 2 diabetes,” he said.

He notes that the studies had been delayed due to the pandemic but are now back on track.

The Richardson Center for Food Technology and Research held an open house last week.